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What is music like at Warwick University?


Hi, What is music at Warwick like, considering it doesn't offer music as a degree option? thanks.


Thank you for your question.

At most Universities, the opportunities for music-making diminish, unless students take a first degree in Music. The University of Warwick however, has a remarkable record of high quality music-making in the West Midlands, UK and abroad by students of all degree subjects with the notable exception of Music, since the University has never offered a first degree in the subject!

Our Director of Music and Assistant Director are supported by a visiting staff of peripatetic tutors for a wide variety of instruments and voices. They also coach & advise students in workshops, ensuring Warwick's reputation as one of the most enterprising campus Music Centres in the country.

The students of the Music Centre achieve stunning results in various areas of musical performance with a high standard of commitement and performance despite (or maybe because of) not having a full-time music degree here. For this reason, the stigma that non-music degree students might feel when taking part in music activities at other universities has no place here. Opportunities exist for everybody, at all standards. Some of our groups are auditioned, but the majority are not.

I hope this helps. Check out the Music Centre website for more information -

Answered by the Student Recruitment Team
Answer published: Feb 2020. All answers given in good faith, responses may vary with time.