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When will my CAS be issued?

I have received a conditional offer from Warwick, but in order to apply for my visa the CAS is required. If Warwick is my firm or insurance choice, will I still receive CAS in order to apply for the visa. If not, my exam results come out in July (International Baccalaureate), is that enough time to to apply for the Tier 4?


Thank you for your question and congratulations on your offer to study at Warwick!

We can only assign a CAS to students who have firmly accepted an unconditional offer to study with us. This will obviously only happen after you have received your exam results, if you have met your offer, and if you have selected Warwick as your Firm choice institution.

Don't worry, you are in the same situation as all other Undergraduate offer holders who are still to get their exam results. In order to make the visa application process as smooth as possible, I would suggest that you read in advance the information on our website about applying for a Tier 4 visa from overseas

Your CAS will be assigned by our Undergraduate Admissions team. If you have any questions about the process, you can contact them directly at

Answered by the Immigration and Compliance Team
Answer published: Feb 2020. All answers given in good faith, responses may vary with time.