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Student Profile: Ariadna Rami Griñó

I love the environment at Warwick. I was a bit scared of moving countries and starting a new life on my own but I have been enjoying the university ever since I got here.

Discover Ariadna's journey at Warwick and what led them to apply for BSc International Management.

How did you find out about Warwick?

I heard about Warwick from older students who had graduated from my school in Barcelona. They were all very good students, with high aspirations, and they kept speaking highly of Warwick so I decided to do some research myself and really liked the university.

Did you consider studying anywhere else? What made you choose Warwick?

I chose Warwick over all the other universities I had applied to because whilst it is very highly ranked, it also had the three most important things I looked for in a university too. Warwick offered me the opportunity to attend a renowned Business School with leading professors, alongside a very culturally diverse student body, and be able to live in a campus and get the full university experience.

How did you feel to be awarded a scholarship?

I am extremely grateful to have received the Global Excellence Scholarship as it has given me the chance to attend my top choice university. Being awarded the GES made me feel like all the hard work I had put into my schooling over the years was really worth it, I felt extremely proud of my achievements and motivated to keep on putting in the effort in University.

Who was the first person you told when you received the news about your scholarship and how did they react?

The first person I told I had received the scholarship was my mum. She was ecstatic! She had believed in me all along and was glad that I had finally gotten the much awaited fantastic news.

How did you apply and did anyone help you with your application form and visa application?

I applied to Warwick via UCAS. Many people from my school apply to universities in the UK every year, so there are two teachers who guide us through the process if we need any help. In terms of my visa application, I did that on my own and whilst I would not say it was a difficult process, it surely was a lengthy one so I would advise everyone to start the process as early as they can.

What was your first impression of Warwick when you first walked around campus?

I was so impressed by the Warwick campus! I love how big and green it is, how it is spread out and each faculty has its own distinguishable building. I would even dare to say it reminded me of a movie, coming from Barcelona I am very used to seeing University faculty buildings immersed and camouflaged within the other buildings in the city centre. Warwick is exactly the opposite, full of faculties, the Oculus, the WBS building, the Arts Centre, and the Piazza, anyone who walks around campus can feel the 'student life' and vibrancy.

What is the best thing about Warwick?

The best thing about Warwick is the people undoubtedly. Such a big and diverse community, everyone is extremely happy and proud to be studying here. This excitement is most certainly contagious, and when combined with all the like-minded people you meet here who are just as passionate about their degree area, it motivates you even more.

What is the worst thing?

I would say that the worst thing about Warwick is the weather. Honestly its really not that bad, but coming from Barcelona it has been a bit of a change that I have been forced to adapt to.

How is your accommodation?

I am currently living on campus in the Bluebell residence hall. So far it's been great, living in central campus is extremely convenient to get to all of my classes and I am also a stone's throw away from the library and all the cafés where I get to meet my friends. The Bluebell amenities are very up to date and I get to live in a flat with people from 5 different countries which has been a very enriching experience.

Are you a member of any societies?

I have joined the WBSS society where I have an active role in the society taking care of the internal affairs and organising events. I am also in the process of joining some other societies such as the Women's Careers, the Consulting Society and the Spanish Society.

What are your plans when you graduate?

I still have not fully decided what I career path I want to take once I graduate from WBS, but right now I am interested in the idea of consulting and I am also really enjoying the marketing class I am taking.

What would you say to someone considering applying for an Undergraduate Global Excellence scholarship at Warwick, what would it be?

I would advise them to start their application as soon as possible in order to be able to write and rewrite their application as many times as needed, to have the chance to reflect and change without the pressure of not making the deadline. I also think it's a great idea to get feedback from parents, teachers and friends because they may spot improvement areas the applicant may have not noticed.

What one thing makes you happy about Warwick?

I love the environment at Warwick. I was a bit scared of moving countries and starting a new life on my own but I have been enjoying the university ever since I got here. All students are incredibly welcoming, teachers are very helpful, and I feel like I have found a community where I fit in and for this I am very grateful.

Ariadna's course:

BSc International Management our four year course is designed to equip you with a broad knowledge of business and management and the knowledge and employability skills for a successful career in global business.

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