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Student Profile: Inchara Athreya

The whole environment has such a positive vibe that facilitates learning.

Discover Inchara's journey at Warwick and what led them to apply for BSc Psychology with Linguistics.

How did you find out about Warwick?

Through a friend who studies here.

Did you consider studying anywhere else? What made you choose Warwick?

I chose Warwick because of it's world class infrastructure and degree options. I was sure I wanted to study in the UK as I've always seen it as a perfect environment for learning. Warwick truly appealed to me as I could see the global feel of the university and the scholarship prospects drew me towards it further.

How did you feel to be awarded a scholarship?

Being awarded a scholarship felt amazing. It enabled me to come to university knowing that the financial burden on my parents was reduced. The feeling of being selected was something I'll never forget because I had spent months wishing and hoping it would happen.

Who was the first person you told when you received the news about your scholarship and how did they react?

The first person I told was my mum. She was overjoyed as well. She said she was incredibly happy that it would be easier for me to study the subjects I love.

How did you apply and did anyone help you with your application form and visa application?

I wrote most of the UCAS and scholarship applications myself. I made sure to get feedback from my parents and close friends. I did not need a visa as I am a British citizen.

What was your first impression of Warwick when you first walked around campus?

I was speechless. It is definitely one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to.

What is the best thing about Warwick?

The campus and the faculty!

What is the worst thing?

Just the fact that so many lessons are still online.

How is your accommodation?

I love my accommodation. I live in Tocil on campus. The location is ideal and the flats are spacious and well maintained.

Are you a member of any societies? If so, what have you done with them?

I am a member of the Talks Team at the Warwick India Forum. We are currently in the works of confirming speakers for our forum in January.

What are your plans when you graduate?

I hope to stay in the field of research in psychology and linguistics. I will probably start by pursuing a masters degree. I also would like to work with children who have learning disabilities. I also aspire to work in a global organisation such as the UN.

What would you say to someone considering applying for an Undergraduate Global Excellence scholarship at Warwick, what would it be?

Just be yourself and give it your best! Do not try to be someone you aren't in the context of writing good essays. Your application will be the best it can be if you describe yourself.

What one thing makes you happy about Warwick?

The whole environment has such a positive vibe that facilitates learning.

Inchara's course:
BSc Psychology with Linguistics combines a broad grounding in psychology with the study of how people communicate through language. You’ll gain a critical awareness of psychological research and theory, the ability to analyse structure of language and patterns of language, plus communication, research, presentation and collaboration skills.

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