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Student Profile: Kopitha Karunakaram

I really liked the architecture and the way the campus was laid out. It was so beautiful and I took so many pictures. I really liked the atmosphere and how everyone was so friendly and willing to help.

Discover Kopitha's journey at Warwick and what led them to apply for BA History.

How did you find out about Warwick?

My History teacher went to Warwick for her undergraduate studies. She also did History BA (honours) so she recommended the university to me.

Did you consider studying anywhere else? What made you choose Warwick?

I really liked the variety of modules I was offered for my course. This was really important to me as I wanted to expand my horizons and learn about new eras and time-periods in history.

How did you feel to be awarded a scholarship?

It felt amazing! Financing university and all the added costs were a huge struggle for my family so I was really stressed wondering how I could afford uni. This scholarship saved the day and caused our problems to severely decrease.

Who was the first person you told when you received the news about your scholarship and how did they react?

I told my best friend because I got the email when we were having dinner with a few other friends. She was really excited and happy for me as she knew how stressed I was. I then immediately called my mum who started congratulating me and telling me that she was so proud.

How did you apply and did anyone help you with your application form and visa application?

I did not face any difficulties during the application process. This is because I have British citizenship so I did not have to worry about any of the problems many international students faced such as visa. As for the application form, I had a great support system that included some of my teachers who were amazing enough to read through my personal statement and give me feedback. My family also supported me through this time.

What was your first impression of Warwick when you first walked around campus?

I was blown away. The campus was so big yet felt so cosy? If that's the right word...I really liked the architecture and the way the campus was laid out. It was so beautiful and I took so many pictures. I really liked the atmosphere and how everyone was so friendly and willing to help.

What is the best thing about Warwick?

The best thing, apart from the education, has to be the campus. Everything that I need is within 15 minutes of a walking distance which is really helpful.

What is the worst thing about Warwick?

There's nothing about Warwick that is completely bad but if I had to say something, then it would be how unilluminated certain areas are. For example, if you want to go from Central Campus to Lakeside at night, you might not feel completely safe. Other than that, Warwick has done a good job on everything else

How is your accommodation?

I live at Jack Martin which is an accommodation that is located on Central Campus. I really like how my accommodation is near everywhere. I don't have to walk far. The piazza is less than 2 minutes away, and I can make it to most of my classes in 10 minutes or under.

Are you a member of any societies?

I am a member of the History Society, the Tamil Society and the Sri Lankan Society. I have attended socials and meet-and-greets organised by these societies. I am looking forward to attending the Cricket match as well as the subsequent activities organised by the Sri Lankan Society on November 6th 2021.

What are your plans when you graduate?

I hope to continue my studies while also procuring a job or an internship, hopefully at a museum or an archaeology organisation.

What would you say to someone considering applying for an Undergraduate Global Excellence scholarship at Warwick, what would it be?

JUST GO FOR IT!!!! I was very close to not applying because I thought that I would not get it due to the overwhelming amount of applicants. I would advise them to breathe and look at themselves in the mirror and say, 'I can do this'.

What one thing makes you happy about Warwick?

I like the whole atmosphere here. I was scared that I would feel lonely and isolated but this wasn't the case with Warwick. I have made many new friends here and I really enjoy my classes.

Kopitha's course:

BA History gives you the freedom to develop an independent view on the historical themes that most excite you. Our far-reaching approach allows you to explore historical topics in depth from around the globe. The department is studded with expertise spanning the British Isles, continental Europe, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin and North America. Study with us and be constantly surprised as to where history can take you.

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