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Check My Evidence

Form Completion Notes:

Please Read BEFORE submitting this form

  • Please ensure you complete all sections of this form as any omitted information may lead to delay in processing your request.

  • If submitting Financial Evidence, you MUST complete all the questions in the Financial Evidence section.

Section 1: Your Details

Section 2: Following a telephone or face to face appointment with an adviser:

Please complete the section below as directed by your Adviser, and attach the required documents using the attach link at the bottom of the form.

If you have not had a telephone or face to face appointment with an adviser, please skip the next section and complete the form from the SECTION 3: UPLOADED DOCUMENTS.

Section 3: Uploaded Documents

Please ensure you answer ALL the questions below.

You must attach ALL documents required for your application type.

By uploading these documents you are confirming that you have read all the associated guidance.

Your Mandatory Documents

Your Other Documents

Application Financial Evidence

Your Dependants Mandatory Documents

Your Dependants Other Documents

Please now attach a clear scan / photo / digital version of all the evidence you have stated above.


You can only attach the following types of files:



  • PNG

  • PDF file types


We do not accept any files that are held on OneDrive or any other kind of cloud storage - You must attach the file.


If you are using an Apple Device:

We are unable to open Apple's HEVC files, therefore, you must convert them to one of the above formats BEFORE you attach them.

Attach file
No files are currently attached.
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