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Police Registration

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Getting your legal requirements right...

Important Updates - Please Read First

  • Unless you are exempted, see link below, you must Self-Isolate on arrival to the UK.

    Therefore, to comply with police registration, you must:

    • Complete the online registration by the end of your 10 days Self-Isolation Period, using your Biometric Residence Permit if you have received it, or, your Temporary Travel Vignette Number, which is in the top right hand corner of your vignette, if you have not.

    • Then you will need to book an appointment with the police:

        • You can book this appointment within your Self-Isolation period, as long as the appointment date is after your Self-Isolation Period.
        • You should ensure you pick a date that gives you enough time to collect your BRP.
        • The police will not complete your Registration without your BRP.

      • Then attend your booked appointment, whenever it is, with the documents listed below to complete your Registration:

        • Student Status Letter - this can be downloaded from your e-Vision portal
        • Passport used to enter the UK
        • BRP
        • Payment - see main guidance below

      You will not be penalised by the UKVI if you are unable to collect your BRP due to having to Self-Isolate on arrival to the UK.

      Therefore, under no circumstances should you be leaving your Self-Isolation to collect a BRP or attend a Police Registration Appointment.

      The University of Warwick will turn away any student from a BRP collection event if 14 days have not elaspsed between their date of arrival and their appointment date.

      If you have not used the University of Warwick ACL code to have your BRP delivered to the University, you will have to collect your BRP from the Post Office stated on your Visa Decision Email AFTER your Self-Isolation Period has ended.

    • Please click on the following link and read the guidance provided from West Midlands Police, specifically if you have booked a Police Registration appointments in Coventry:

      WMP | Site location and visit instructions

    • Please note:

      Appointments with Warwickshire Police have recommenced (following temporary suspension due to Covid-19 lockdown restrictions) from 12 April 2021 onwards.

      You should complete your online registration within 10 days of your arrival in the UK.

      You should then book a face to face appointment within 17 days of your arrival in the UK, unless you are unable to due to covid restrictions.

      Please be aware that the fee of £34 is payable by CASH ONLY at this time. This is due when you register for the first time or if you have lost your certificate and require a new one at the time of the appointment.

      If you are having any difficulty booking an appointment with Warwickshire police, please email

    Can't find an appointment on the police registration website?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Students who meet the criteria below are legally required to register with the Police as part of their visa condition:

    • You are at least 16 years old
    • You are from a country that is listed on the Home Office Police Registration website
    • You are not exempt, as per the Home Office Police Registration website
    • Your course duration is longer than 6 months AND your visa allows you to remain in the UK for more than 6 months

    If the above criteria applies to you, then you should see the police registration requirement listed on:

    • Your UKVI Decision Letter, paper copy or email, that confirmed your grant of visa
      • There should be a clear paragraph stating that you are required to register with the police,


    • Your 30 or 90-day Travel Visa, if you applied for your visa from outside of the UK
      • You will see ‘Pol Reg’, 'Police Registration', or ‘Register with Police in seven days of UK entry’ printed on your visa if it is a requirement for you.

    If this requirement does not appear on either your Decision Letter/Email, or your 30 or 90 day Travel Visa, but you meet all 4 criteria listed above, then it is more than likely that the caseworker has made an error.

    There is no obligation for you to correct the error and this will not affect your subsequent visa applications.

    However, if you wish to, you can add the 'police registration' condition back to your visa by contacting the UKVI using the following email:

    The UKVI will then email you a letter confirming police registration has been added to your visa condition.

    You can then bring the letter to your police registration appointment.

    You must register with the appropriate police force within 7 days of:

    • Arriving in the UK if you applied for your visa from outside the UK


    • Receiving your biometric residence permit if you applied for your visa within the UK

    Failure to do so can constitute a breach of your visa conditions and could lead to your visa being curtailed.

    Therefore, fulfilling this requirement must take precedence over any other non-immigration requirements including attending lectures.

    If Police Registration is a visa condition for you, you must register with the Regional Police Force that holds jurisdiction at the address where you are living within 7 days as stated above.

    Please click here to find which Police Force holds jurisdiction for your address.

    Due to the location of the University of Warwick, we will list the process for registering with West Midlands Police and Warwickshire Police below.

    Please contact the Police Force that hold jurisdiction at your address directly with Police Registration queries, if it is not West Midlands Police or Warwickshire Police.

    You will have been deemed to have met the 7 day condition with West Midlands Police or Warwickshire Police, as long as:

    • You have booked the appointment within 7 days of your arrival in the UK/Change of circumstance.


    • Then attend the subsequent appointment, whenever that is.

    Please contact the Police Force that hold jurisdiction at your address directly with Police Registration queries, if it is not West Midlands Police or Warwickshire Police.

    Please Note:

    If you will be living at one of the following Halls of residences or addresses:

    - Cryfield

    - Heronbank

    - Lakeside

    - Sherbourne

    - Addresses in the Leamington Spa and Kenilworth area.

    - Addresses in Warwickshire

    You will fall under the jurisdiction of:

    Warwickshire Police Force

    All other Univerisity of Warwick Halls of Residences and addresses in Coventry or the West Midlands will fall under the jurisdiction of:

    West Midlands Police.



    Follow the below step by step guide on how to register and create an account with your regional police force.

    Step 1 - Create an Account or Login:

    Click on the relevant force's Overseas Visitor Registration link below and create an account if you have never registered before, or, login if you already have an account:

    West Midlands Police:

    Warwickshire Police:

    To set-up an account, please follow this step by step guide.

    Step 2 - Book an appointment:

    You must book the 1st available appointment, regardless of when it is.
    Book a New Registration Appointment step by step guidance.

    Step 3 - Attend the appointment, whenever it is:


    Due to Covid-19, you must wear a mask whilst attending your face to face appointment.

    You will not be allowed in to the building if you are not wearing a mask.

    You will need to take the following items with you:

    • Two passport-sized photographs of yourself
    • The registration fee of £34 - Warwickshire off campus appointments will only accept the exact cash amount , they will not be able to provide change / West Midlands Police will only accept card payments, however they cannot accept China Union Visa or American Express.
    • Your proof of Police Registration condition – this will be your UKVI Decision Letter/Email or your 30 or 90-day Temporary Travel Visa
    • Your Current Passport
    • Your Visa/ BRP – not your 30 or 90-day Temporary Travel Vignette.
    • Your proof of address – this must be from an ‘Official Body’ such as a University, and therefore a Tenancy Agreement is not acceptable – Your 'Certificate of Status' will be acceptable as long as you have kept your address details up to date.
    Step 4 - Updating an Existing Registration:

    Once you receive your Police Registration Certificate, you must keep it up to date at all times. If any of the particulars recorded on your certificate changes (address, passport, new visa/BRP card, name, nationality, marital status or occupation), you must inform the police within 8 days from the date of change.

    Failure to do so is a breach of your visa conditions.
    Folow STEPS 1 to 2 as above to book an appointment to update your police registration certificate. Attend the subsequent appointment, and take the following items with you, depending on what needs updating (you can update all the changes in a single appointment).

    • Change of Address:
      • Your existing Police Registration Certificate
      • An updated 'Certificate of Status' – please ensure you have updated your Student Record with the new address
    • Change of Passport:
      • Your existing Police Registration Certificate
      • New Passport
    • Change of Visa/ BRP:
      • Your existing Police Registration Certificate
      • New visa page (in passport) or BRP
    • Any other changes:
      • Your existing Police Registration Certificate
      • Evidence of the changes
    If you have lost your Police Registration Certificate, you will need to provide the documents and payment as stated in STEP 3 above.
    Step 5 - Leaving the UK:

    If you are leaving the United Kingdom for up to 2 months, you do not need to do anything.

    If you are leaving the UK for longer than this, you are legally required to notify the Police Force that you registered with last time.

    Please ensure that you have contacted them as per their process, and that you have provided your leaving date and travel details.

    You can keep your Police Registration Certificate if you are returning to the UK for further studies/work within 12 months of leaving.

    Frequently asked questions

    Please click on the relevant section below to expand the guidance.

    • West Midlands Police and Warwickshire Police release appointments in blocks, so please check back daily - appointments are usually released around 8am in the morning.

      If you have no success in booking an appointment after trying for 7 consecutive days, please contact the relevant police force via their email - see below.

      Ensure you email the correct police force and advise them of the steps you have taken.

      The Police should usually get back to you after a few days.

      Keep a copy of their reply as evidence that you have reported and the police have acknowledged the issue, including any letter confirming you do not need to worry for missing the 7-day deadline.

      Do not re-send the email unless 10 working days have passed.

          • Other Police Forces:

            • Please visit their own website and use their preferred contact method.

          Once you have contacted the police, you must continue to try to book an appointment online.

        • In this instance, you should log back in to the Police Registration website and reschedule your appointment to another day - see step by step guide.

          Reschedule An Appointment Step By Step Guide

          You should also contact the University of Warwick Immigration Service to notify us that you have not received your BRP so that we can make enquiries with the UKVI with regards to your BRP.

        • Please contact the relevant Police Force to advise them of this circumstance via email.

          They will then either re-arrange, or email you back to advise that they are unable to grant an earlier appointment.

          You can then add the reply email from the police force to your visa application, with a covering letter, to advise that you have not been able to update your police registration certificate due to the Police Force not having sufficent availability.

        • Yes, you can. In most cases you will not be required to show your Police Registration Certificate when you re-enter the UK. However, if you are asked, make sure that you can show evidence of:

          - Appointment booking (for example, an email confirmation from the police confirming your appointment date), or,

          - Attempts you have made to try to book an appointment (for example, an email you sent to the police force, or the form submission receipt showing you have notified the University that you have been unable to book an appointment after trying for 7 consecutive days).