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Request your CAS

FAQs about your CAS

  • Once you have received an unconditional offer that you have accepted, and you are within 3-4 months of the start of your course you will receive an email to confirm the personal details that the University holds about you. This is likely to be from the end of May 2023 for students requiring a CAS for Pre-sessional English language courses and for students starting at Warwick in September/October 2023. If you have not yet accepted your unconditional offer, please do so as soon as possible: Respond to your offer.
  • Once you confirm your details are correct, you will be directed through to the CAS request form.
  • Please complete the form as fully as possible as the University will use this form to assess your eligibility for Student Visa sponsorship.
  • Typically, where no further information is required, these are usually processed within 10 working days of receipt of the request form.
  • Some students who are able to meet all of the conditions of their main course (with the exception of English language) may be eligible for a combined CAS to cover both Pre-sessional English and their main course. Students taking the online version of the Pre-sessional English course will be eligible for a CAS for their main course once they have met all conditions of their main course offer and completed the first 2 weeks of the Pre-sessional English course with satisfactory progress and attendance. Further information can be found on the Pre-sessional single or combined CAS page.
  • If you have renewed your passport since receiving your CAS, you do not need a new CAS. Please send a scan of the new passport to and we will add a sponsor note confirming this change. The UKVI allow some amendments to the information on your CAS as long as you have not submited your visa application. Please contact the PG Visa Team if you have any questions regarding this.
  • If there is a mistake on your CAS please contact as soon as possible. We can then assess whether or not you require a new CAS. In most cases we can add a sponsor note to your CAS correcting the mistake. The UKVI allow amendments to the information on your CAS as long as your visa application is not in the advanced stages and has “USED” status. If you have not already submitted a visa application, we would advise you not to do so until the University has confirmed whether it will be providing a new CAS.
  • If you have made a tuition fee payment you do not require a new CAS.
  • The Student Finance team can update this information on your CAS once the payment has reached the University of Warwick accounts. They can only do this before you attend your visa appointment.
  • Please contact Student Finance for further information.
  • For further advice and guidance on making a student visa application please visit the ​ Warwick Immigration Service where you will find lots of useful information.
  • If you have been awarded a scholarship and this does not appear on your CAS, please contact thePG Visa Team as soon as possible.
    • It may be that your department has not informed admissions or student finance regarding your award. We are able to add University of Warwick scholarships and awards to your CAS, however external scholarships should be evidenced with official documentation and will not be included on your CAS.