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Deferring your offer

Can I defer my offer?

We are working to welcome our new cohort as planned in October and we very much hope you will be able to join us then. We do understand however that your personal circumstances may change and that you may need to consider deferring your place. Some departments do allow applicants to defer their offer (not application) to a later date or by one academic year.

Making an informed decision

Please bear in mind that some of the documents submitted as part of your application may no longer be valid for entry for the following academic year. If your request is approved by your department, the Admissions Service will consider this when deferring your application and may ask you to meet some conditions again, for example if your English language certificate is no longer valid.

Departments usually only allow applicants to defer once.

Things to consider

  • If a request to change a start date or defer your studies is approved, the central admissions team will review your record and may be required to add conditions back into your offer. For example, if you took an English language test that will be outside of our required validity period by the new start date, you would be required to take a new test for your new study dates. Any conditions added back in will be confirmed to you in your new offer letter.
  • Changing your start date or deferring will in many cases, result is fee increases. Tuition fees are subject to review and do tend to increase slightly each year, so the tuition currently quoted for academic year 22/23 is unlikely to be the same in 23/24. Details regarding fees will be included on your new offer letter.
  • In some cases, in order for the admissions team to amend your record and change your start dates, we will have to request that the enrolment team withdraw your record initially, please do not panic if you see we have done this – the status will likely update again very soon. If you have not done so already, please avoid enrolling for your current dates and instead, wait for the outcome of this request.
  • If you have began the CAS process before completing this form, please note that you may incur extra costs if you choose to proceed with changing your start date or deferring. By completing this form, you are confirming to us, that you wish for us to withdraw your CAS. When you do join us for your new start dates, you will incur the costs again for visa applications and any other related fees

Deferring your place

Please complete the form to request to defer your offer.