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Moving Out of On Campus Accommodation | Donation Drive

What can I donate?

What is the Donation Drive?

The Donation Drive is a project to reduce the environmental impact of move out, by making it easier for students to donate unwanted items before they leave campus. It's really easy to donate, with Donation Stations popping up across campus in residences and the SU.

By keeping things in use, sharing, upcycling, swapping and refurbishing we can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the everyday things that we use as well as helping others. It’s particularly important for you to donate things at the end of the academic year, because with so many students moving out at once, there is a significant increase in waste. This sudden increase can overwhelm the system and even items that would normally be recycled end up in landfill, which is a disaster for the environment.


The Donation Drive is run by the Energy & Sustainability Team with support from Warwick Accommodation, Waste & Recycling, Post & Portering and Warwick Volunteers.

Questions? Visit the FAQs.

British Heart Foundation banks and recycling facilities are available all year round.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Check the A-Z Guide to Recycling.