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Groups and Societies involved in Sustainability

Here are some of the groups and societies involved in sustainability at Warwick.

The Hub connects people and projects and ideas and there may be specific needs that the group has that you may be able to help with. You can contact the champions of each group for specific details.

Individuals and soceities can also apply for funding from the Environmental Sustainability Fund at the Students' Union

Students' Union Environment Group logo

The Student Union's Environment impact

Warwick University Blackout event logo

Warwick University Blackout, an annual event.

Engineers without borders logo

Engineers Without Borders: Student engineering society helping global communities

The Climate Reality Project logo

The Climate Reality Project: Make the Warwick campus sustainable


Rawkus: Rethinking Waste

SWaN logo

SWaN: Promotes collaborative sustainability research

Allotment Society

Allotment Society

Tocil Woods Conservation Project logo

Tocil Woods Conservation Project


GLOBUS: Student sustainability magazine

Warwick Vintage & Upcycling Society logo

Warwick Vintage & Upcycling Society

Fashion Exchange at Warwick logo

Fashion Exchange @ Warwick

Enactus sustainability group logo

Enactus: Sustainability society

SEED logo

Warwick SEED group

WVVS logo

WVVS: Warwick Vegetarian & Vegan Society

Warwick volunteers logo

Warwick volunteers

Bug logo

BUG: Bicycle User Group

Food Co-op logo

Food Co-operative Society

WIDS logo

WIDS Sustainability Society

Extinction Rebellion logo

Extinction Rebellion

WBiT logo


GSD logo

Global Sustainable Development Society

CERN logo


WSDS logo

Warwick Sustainable Development Society

Warwick plog logo

Warwick Plogging Society

Warwick Plant and Nature Society

Warwick Plant and Nature Society

Education for Sustainable Development Learning Circle