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Tree planting and biodiversity projects on campus

The University is committed to protecting, creating and enhancing spaces for biodiversity across campus. As such, to ‘achieve ecology and biodiversity net gain’ has been identified as one of our five pathways to a sustainable future. Find out more about how we are ‘leading by example’ in biodiversity.

We are delighted to be planting a significant number of trees and hedgerow plants this winter; this planting will extend habitats and create wildlife corridors. The following projects have already taken place and/or will take place over the coming weeks:

  • A mature hedge of approximately 80 metres has been planted around Kirby Corner car park.
  • 90 trees are being planted on Claycroft Field behind the residences.
  • Over 400 trees and shrubs (mostly native) have been planted at Scarman.
  • 420 saplings from the Queen’s Green Canopy Project to celebrate The Platinum Jubilee 2022 are being planted as spinneys at Cryfield.
  • Hedge-laying on one section of the hedges by the Gatehouse.

The Grounds Team are also now using fully compostable guards made from recycled materials, so they will naturally degrade back as the trees and hedgerows become established.

The COP26 Coppice

In December, a group from the Global Sustainable Development (GSD) Department and the Economics Department helped the Grounds team plant several trees. This idea was born out of the Warwick Climate Negotiating Forum (WCNF) 2021 which took place earlier this term. Organised by and for students, the Forum asked attendees to step into the shoes of delegates from different nations to hold their own climate negotiations. Instead of handing out freebies such as pens and lanyards at the Forum, the WCNF Team chose to instead plant trees on campus; 26 trees to be exact, in light of COP26.

Todd Olive, President of WCNF; Laura Chevrot, GSD student; Charlotte Flechet, GSD graduate; Kasia Jaworska, Life Sciences and GSD student; Nikita Mishankin, Economics student; and Dr Jess Savage, Assistant Professor got stuck in (almost, it was muddy!) with planting trees to the side of Scarman House. This area will be known as the COP26 Coppice.

Tree planting Claycroft

Tree planting Scarman

Tree Planting-Queens Jubilee