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Warwick Institute of Engagement

Warwick Institute of Engagement

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"Warwick Institute of Engagement helps the University play a regional and national leadership role as a modern university working with local communities to deliver place-based and people-focused results; it helps us drive innovation through maximising the exchange of knowledge between the university and society to enrich learning and innovation, stimulate innovation and partnerships; it gives us a stronger role in championing inclusion – through public discussion, knowledge curation and generation; It enhances the teaching experience we offer Warwick students, as well as contributing towards skills and employability; it informs our research and sharpens our impact, and it gives us a genuine platform for Warwick to play our part even more strongly in national and international debate, social, economic and policy development."


Sir David Normington, Chair of Council, University of Warwick



Quote against event image, saying: "[This] marks an important moment in the development of our research culture and environment at Warwick, recognising the importance of collaboration and co-production in the production of our research, as well as the importance of engaging communities both near and far outside of the University." by Caroline Meyer




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Quote against an event image, saying: "To see part of my culture celebrated that is often overlooked was amazing - and people have a moment in the spotlight." (by event atendee).



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Quote against an event image, saying: "The Warwick Institute of Engagement takes our work at Warwick to the next level – creating a network to share experience and ideas, creating opportunities for ongoing engagement with local and regional communities, putting engagement at the heart of the Warwick undergraduate experience and developing an evidence-based approach for training and development of great quality engagement." by Stuart Croft




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