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Honorary Fellows

Honorary Fellows

Honorary Fellows are appointed to help us build long-term strategic relationships across the University. The positions aren't time limited.

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine

Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Arts

Cross Faculty

Professional Services

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine

Don Pollacco, Astrophysics

Kate Owen, Warwick Medical School

Kerry Kirwan, Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor Knowledge Exchange

Kevin Moffat, Life Sciences

Lawrence Young, Warwick Medical School

Lorenzo Frigerio, PVC Education

Rebecca Freeman, Deputy PVC Education

Robin Clark, Dean of WMG

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Faculty of Social Sciences

Anil Awesti,

Chair Warwick’s Race Equality Taskforce

Fabienne Peter, Academic Director, Research

Graeme Currie, Warwick Business School

Jackie Hodgson, Law/Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor Research

Jon Coafee, Deputy PVC Research

Jonothan Neelands, Warwick Business School, Academic Director Cultural Partnerships

Nick Vaughan-Williams, Politics and International Studies, Vice-Provost, Chair of Faculty of Social Sciences

Nigel Driffield, Professor of International Business, Deputy ProVice Chancellor Regional Engagement

Oliver Walmsley, Director of Business Relations

Sotaro Kita, Deputy PVC Research (Research Culture)

Vicki Belt, Deputy Director. Impact & Engagement, WBS

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Faculty of Arts

David Coates, Faculty of Arts Curator

David Morley, Warwick Writing Programme, School of Creative Arts, Performance and Visual Cultures

Jo Angouri, Deputy PVC Education and Internationalisation

Michael Scott, Pro Vice Chancellor for International

Penny Roberts, Chair of Faculty

Rachel Moseley, Vice-Provost and Chair of Faculty of Arts

Sarah Shalgosky, Curator, Warwick Arts Centre

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Cross Faculty

Caroline Meyer, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research

Doreen Foster, Director of Warwick Arts Centre

Elena Korosteleva, Director of the Institute for Global Sustainable Development

Gwen van der Velden, Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor Student Experience

Jonathan Heron, Director of IATL

Leti Gramaglia, Head of Academic Development and Director of the Warwick International Higher Education Academy (WIHEA)

Mohan Balasubramania, Director of the Institute of Advanced Study

Peter Scott, Director of IAS

Stephanie Panichelli-Batalla, Head of School of Cross Faculty Studies

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Professional Services

Adele Browne, Director of Student Experience

Anna O'Neill, Head Librarian

Carolyn Sivester, Head of Research Impact

Dan Derricott, Director of Education Policy and Quality

David Lees, Dean of Students

David Plumb, Director of the Innovation Group

India Holme, Research Development Officer, Research & Impact Services

James Alexander, Digital Strategy

Kulbir Shergill, Director of Social Inclusion

Mike Ward, Vice Provost and Chair of the Faculty of Science, Engineering

Mike Haymes, International Strategy and Relations

Navdeep Bains, Director of Research and Impact Services

Paul Blagburn, Widening Participation

Rachel Sandby-Thomas, Registar

Roberta Wooldridge Smith, Student Opportunity

Sam Roseveare, Head of Government Affairs

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