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Programme Fellows

Programme Fellows

Sakina Haider

Greetings, I am Sakina Haider, your University of Warwick Community Engagement Fellow, and my journey is a tapestry of purpose. Hailing from Pakistan, I've spent over five years weaving connections with global juggernauts such as L'Oréal, GSK, Reckitt, P&G, Unilever, and Coca-Cola. But my heart has always been dedicated to the land I call home.

In the realm of community engagement, my endeavours have been driven by profound causes. Crafting captivating campaigns, I've championed the cause of girls' education, women's health, and fervently advocated for STEM education for the young minds of my nation. My work is rooted not just in driving change, but also in fostering a sense of belonging within communities.

My compass is set on a new horizon, one where public engagement and a sense of belonging take centre stage. I'm eager to join hands with kindred spirits to embark on a quest to address pressing issues such as postpartum depression, marital rape, honour killings, FGM, and others. My belief is that in fostering public engagement, we create a stronger sense of belonging within communities. With the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Millennium Development Goals as our guide, we shall craft stories of change, one chapter at a time.

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Silva Temprado-Gustems

I am an MASc Community, Engagement and Belonging student. I have worked in charities and grassroot organisations in Spain, Belgium, Mexico and the UK.

My academic background is in Sociology and Education and I have dedicated my adult life exploring and engaging with the principle of social change through education collectively rather than individuals at any stage of our lives.

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Inca Hide-Wright

Hello, I am Inca. Currently, I am studying the MASc in Community, Engagement and Belonging. I am particularly interested in belonging and the multitude of factors and variables that influence how someone may experience belonging. I am passionate about co-creation, and learning about new topics and skills.

Lils Dobber

I am a recent Liberal Arts graduate from Warwick and I've just begun the new MASc in Community, Engagement, and Belonging. As a queer and trans person with a keen interest in tabletop gaming and game design, I seek to understand and explore the ways that games and play can create unique and powerful spaces for people to find community. I am also a firm proponent for games as a teaching method and tool as I believe they facilitate engagement with subject matter in a different way than traditional academia allows.


I have delivered a talk on the complexities and beauty of transitioning through WIE's Resonate festival and I look forward to learning and contributing more to this network of individuals and communities.

Umme Rezowana

I am a Lecturer of Sociology and currently doing my second master's in Community, Engagement and Belonging. I got this opportunity as part of the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship about which I am proud and grateful at the same time. I am from Bangladesh which is a land of cultural heritage and natural beauty. I have keen interest in sociological research which aims at better understanding of the community and society followed by execution of necessary actions from the research findings. Being from a developing nation, I always acknowledge the responsibility of the individual as well as the community for a stable present and sustainable future, and thus aspire to act in a sincere manner, both in my personal and professional lives. My research interest revolves around the field of health, gender and community; I also have acute interest in anthropology and criminology. I am passionate about teaching Sociology, and I strongly believe in the significance of inclusion, opportunity and diversity in every aspect of life.

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