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CO-LAB 2.0 Food and Community

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Exploring our collective ‘kitchen and whole ingredient thinking’ to envision a food system that better serves public health.

Tuesday 5 March 2024, 1 – 4pm, Helen Martin Studio, Warwick Arts Centre

CO-LAB 2.0 explored the themes of food and community. Applying our collective ‘kitchen and whole ingredient thinking’ to envision a food system that better serves public health using seed, soil and British sunshine. Through a series of panel discussions and conversations, we will shared stories about food action in our local community, heard about partnerships for change and used this to stimulate ideas for transforming our food system from the ground up across the West Midlands (and beyond).

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CO-LAB is a flexible sharing forum for researchers, teachers and practitioners of all levels of experience and their community partners. It is hosted by the Warwick Institute of Engagement’s Co-Production and Communities Learning Circle with an aim to share best practice, discuss challenges and explore and develop the ways in which we co-design, collaborate and co-produce things. Most of all, it is a relaxed and social space to come together and share, network, learn and explore various forms of collaborative, co-produced and co-designed work in a supportive environment. CO-LAB is a public event that is open to all.

The event is structured around moments to listen, to network, to learn and to share conversations and connect over food. Lunch will be provided upon arrival.

Whatever your disciplinary background, whether you are working in research, teaching, engagement or in shared off-campus ventures, we invite Warwick colleagues and external partners and affiliates to come to CO-LAB 2.0 and engage with our theme of ‘Food and Community’ in one of the following ways:

Network and find potential collaborators or partners for knowledge exchange

Come and listen, learn and absorb

Panel Biographies

Getting to Campus

You can find information about how to get to Warwick, and information about parking on our Resonate website.