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Skills of Engagement

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Chair: Anthony Avery

Deputy-Chair: Saskia Bakker

WIE Team Link: Laura Harford

Members: Amanda Bishop, Deepak Parashar, Emil Kostadinov, Erin Stroud, Evelin Sanderson- Nichols, Graeme Currie, Joshua Fullard, Heather Cegla, Helena Verrill, Laura Lammasniemi, Lazaros Andronis, Luker Robert Mason, Nikita Asnani, Parmjit Dhugga, Raquel Nunes, Vicki Belt, Umme Rezowna.

Achievements to Date

Since we set up in the Spring of 2021 we’ve made huge progress as a Learning Circle. We meet on a regular basis and have a shared sense of purpose focussing on tangible projects to help focus our work. We led on ensuring clear delineation of responsibility between ourselves and other learning circles where overlaps were leading to potential repetition and have supported colleagues to develop their engagement skills - feeding into the review of WIE training and production of materials for the WIE Skills FestivalLink opens in a new window.

We’ve also supported the STEM Grand Challenge Learning Circle contributing ideas into how the future of engagement should be accounted for in the production of new campus engagement spaces.

Finally we helped reimagined the purpose and direction of the WIE Networking Conference (formerly Public Engagement Network Conference) and we ran an innovative full hybrid event supported by multiple members of the Learning Circle (see video below).

Ambitions into 2024

We are running multiple projects this year. Further details to appear in the coming months:

Interactive Game Project

Lead: Saskia Bakker

Departmental Engagement Skills Audit

Lead: Helena Verrill

Astronomy on Tap Project

Lead: Heather Cegla

Studio Build and External Speaker Project

Lead: Anthony Avery

Catch up on the WIE Network Conference