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Public Engagement Pedagogies

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Chair: Mark Hinton, Foundation Fellow (Centre for Lifelong Learning)

Co-Chair: Gioia Panzarella

WIE Team Link: Charlotte Pearce and Naomi Kay (and Lisa Drummond for WIHEA)

Members: Alex Baker, Bryan Brazeau, Claire Rocks, Felicity Boardman, Holly Heshmati, Jonty Leese, Katy Angliss, Kevin Moffat, Lory Barile, Martha McGill, Nicholas Jackson, Negar Riazifar, Paul Grigsby, Rebecca Morris, Saba Alhagagi, Scott Habershon, Stefania Paredes Fuentes, Umme Rezowana, Yu-Ting Lai, Zhiyan Guo.

Achievements January - July 2021

The group have met twice and begun to compile a spreadsheet documenting where public engagement features in modules across the university. In time we hope this will become a valuable resource which can enable students to be better informed about where they have the options to take part in engagement as part of their degree, as well as showing staff where local expertise in this area sits.

We have also formed a sub working group who worked with the WIE team to produce materials for the APP TELink opens in a new window (a part time, practice-based programme, successful completion of which awards Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy) course running in 2021/22. These materials will introduce staff to the concept of including engagement as part of their teaching, and the enormous benefits this can have for students.

Ambitions into 2022

We intend to continue to catalogue modules featuring public engagement, and work on a process for including this in the module approval process. As we gather these examples we will also do more to examine in detail those we've already discovered, and begin to understand what we can learn from them and how it can be effectively shared.

Work is also underway to consider several alternative pedagogical approaches which might be of interest for those teaching engagement.

Finally we will be working to produce resources for the WIE Skills Festival which can support those looking to embed public engagement into their teaching.