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Staff Training


Co-chair: Florian Reiche, Senior Fellow (PAIS)

WIE Team Link: Naomi Kay

Members: Des Hewitt,,Ian Hands-Portman, Jane Bryan, Kayleigh Buckingham-Pegg, Marie Diebolt, Nicholas Jackson, Paul Barlow, Phil Jemmett, Sam Trouton, Steven (Luis) Servin Gonzalez.

Achievements January - July 2021

Initial meetings have been spent getting know one another and understanding the purpose of the learning circle and their potential impact for Warwick.

The group have worked closely with the WIE team to overhaul the strategic plans for staff training on engagement and supporting the delivery of the WIE Skills FestivalLink opens in a new window.

To support the work of other learning circles and the WIE team moving forward, they have also begun drafting criteria and a process by which to review training materials being produced from this point forward. This process will ensure quality and consistency, given the scale of the new training efforts, and provide guidance for those developing training.

Ambitions into 2022

Our ambitions for the rest of 2021 and beyond are to

  • Finalise criteria / principles for recognising good quality training and public engagement exemplars for WIE training
  • Encourage creativity and innovation in public engagement training
  • Provide feedback and advice to develop WIE training
  • Provide mentoring [capacity-allowing] for other LC members where they are new to designing Public Engagement training
  • Support development of Public Engagement mentoring in WIE and more broadly across the University
  • Advise on how WIE training can contribute to the wider University training as identified in the LC1 focus above
  • Advise WIE of ‘direction of travel’ for training at a strategic and operational level, as appropriate