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Congratulations to the Warwick Institute of Engagement’s new Fellows

We're delighted to announce the appointment of 38 Foundation Fellows, 27 Honorary Fellows and 32 Associate Fellows of the Warwick Institute of Engagement.  

When we launched the Institute, we originally set out to find 30 Foundation Fellows. We have been overjoyed to surpass this due to the number and calibre of the applications we received. Meet some of our Fellows in the video below and discover what they have to say about engagement and meet the rest here.

Now we have our Engagement Fellows on board, we’re excited to fully establish the Institute as an interdisciplinary hub for the whole University. At WIE, all are welcome to discuss their approaches, exchange ideas, seek support and work together to create exciting new engagement opportunities for staff and students.  

What’s on offer in the next few months 

The Institute will be launching a series of Learning Circles with our new Engagement Fellows.  

These Learning Circles will provide thought leadership by exploring key issues in engagement, informing future University strategy and practice. You can find out more about them on our webpages. 

Our initial Learning Circles will cover things like: 

  • The future of engagement in HE 
  • Developing an inclusive engagement approach  
  • Co-producing research and collaborating with communities 
  • Student training in public engagement  
  • Developing the new skills of engagement  

Longer term, we’re committed to supporting staff and students in the following ways: 

  • Providing up to date training and development opportunities 
  • Championing appropriate reward and recognition for engagement 
  • Supporting institutional level engagement events such as City of Culture 
  • Leading on Warwick's engagement contributions to KEF and the Knowledge Exchange Concordat  

No matter what your role – whether you're a professor, a technician, or a finance manager we're interested in what you've got to say – the Institute is a place for all staff and students to engage. 

Professor Michael Scott and Jane Furze, Directors of the Warwick Institute of Engagement, said: 

Congratulations to all our new Fellows! We’re delighted to have attracted such a diverse, multi-disciplinary range of colleagues and students to join the Institute. Engagement is all about universities working with people and listening to voices outside academia to create and share knowledge collaboratively. Collectively, we have a great foundation to build on the fantastic engagement work already happening at Warwick and drive forward our genuinely new and exciting approach to engagement.” 

 Join the conversation and see how you can be involved:

Wed 03 Feb 2021, 12:00