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Science on the Hill

What is Science on the Hill?

Science on the Hill is a free programme of events jointly organised by the School of Life Sciences and Warwick Medical School - two departments based out of our Gibbet Hill campus. At each event academics, PhD students and researchers are invited to give short, fun, and informative talks around a theme. We support the evening with light refreshments and plenty of activities and demonstrations in our amazing IBRB building.

Recent events have covered antibiotic resistance, metals in biology, neurodegeneration, biological clocks, life off earth, ageing, cancer, viruses and of course COVID19.

There are examples of some the events streamed online via the University of Warwick YouTube channelLink opens in a new window.

June 18th - Early Life: From Embryo to Birth

All of us developed from a single fertilised cell. How does this single cell generate a complex organism, with distinct organs and complex interactions between them? University of Warwick has world-leading experts in this question, ranging from researchers asking fundamental questions about cell fate and form through to clinicians trying to tackle problems such as miscarriage.

This event will provide an introduction to research at Warwick trying to understand biological development. In the first session, we will highlight how we investigate questions related to the beginning of embryo growth, such as how our organs generate specific forms. We will then have an interactive breakout session, where attendees will be able to actively engage with researchers and see some of the work we do first hand. In the final session, we move closer to the clinic, with talks on how we are trying to understand human development and pregnancy, and thereby building better strategies to support pregnant mothers.

Doors open at 5:30 pm and light refreshments will be provided.

Please note the recommended age for this event is 14+, but all are welcome.
These talks will cover topics including fertility and pregnancy loss.

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How can I sign up to hear about more events in the future?

If you would like to receive emails about upcoming events being held by the university relating to our research please join our mailing list and take a look at the Resonate festival page.

Can I watch back old events?

Some of ourvirtual events are available to watch back at a time to suit you.

New Scientists: New Research, Tuesday 30 March

Join us as we introduce you to some of our young scientists embarking on their careers in different areas of science and medicine. Find out what inspired them to go into science and the exciting work they are doing to help solve some of the current key scientific and medical challenges facing the world today.

Hosted by Professor Kevin Moffat with Warwick Medical School's Dr Erin Greaves and the School of Life Sciences' Dr Ellie Jameson and PhD student Emily Hill.

Covid-19 Diagnostics and Testing, Tuesday 10 Nov 2020

Join us for our first virtual science on the hill evening to discuss some of the science behind Covid-19 and the work that has been going on here at Warwick since the pandemic began. Professor Lawrence Young will be introducing to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, how it's transmitted and how infection results in disease. Then Dr Chrystala Constantinidou will discuss how she can track the movement of the virus throughout a hospital by studying tiny changes in the genetic code. Dr Nicole Robb will also discuss her latest work on detecting the virus and the development of a 5 minute test for Covid-19. As usual there will be plenty of time for questions at the end.

You can also read about past events we ran in the series, although these events were not recorded.

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