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The STEM Grand Challenge

The STEM Grand Challenge

The STEM Grand Challenge (GC) is a significant investment by the University of Warwick to improve the teaching, learning and research capabilities for Science and Engineering. Over the next ten years new buildings designed for excellent teaching, collaboration and top level research will be built for the benefit of students, staff and our communities. The Warwick Institute of Engagement is supporting various development aspects of the design and implementation process but especially with regards to a dedicated space within the buildings to be used on a daily basis by our local communities, schools and collaborators. This dedicated public engagement space, the Hub, will be run by the WIE team and will be established with the purpose of enhancing STEM subject teaching in local schools, and acting as a centre of curiosity, inspiration and knowledge exchange of all subjects for various communities and members of the public.

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For the latest internal news for staff and students on the STEM Grand Challenge, please click here.