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Public engagement case studies

Rolling festival food cart with the label Public engagement case studies

Case studies

We're collected stories of public engagement to inspire you and give you an insight into how other people are engaging the public. If you would be willing to help us produce a case study about your work please contact

I:DNA - An in depth review

The sculpture on displayProfessor Felicity Boardman, Warwick Medical School

Felicity led on a multi year engagement project based around the production of a sculpture and various events and activities that used this piece of artwork to stimulate discussion. There is a short overview of the project, and also multiple sub-articles which delve into further detail about how they managed aspects such as securing funding, evaluation, etc. It's broken down so you can examine the areas most relevant to you.

Virus hunters graphicVirus Hunters - Engagement through citizen science

Dr Saskia Baker and Dr Ian Hands-Portman, Life Sciences

Saskia and Ian are both WIE Fellows, and technicians working in our Life Sciences department. In 2018, using public engagement seed funding, they created a pilot scheme to test out if they could use Citizen Science for an engagement project about finding viruses in bodies of water. Covid made it difficult to expand the project but here are their learnings from the pilot scheme