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New role titled 'The Lord Bhattacharyya Chair in Education'

A new role - ‘The Lord Bhattacharyya Chair in Education' – has been created in WMG, University of Warwick. The focus of the position is to continue the late Lord Bhattacharyya's legacy enhancing WMG’s academic expertise in the understanding, development and teaching of engineering and manufacturing internationally.
Professor Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya sadly passed away on the 1 March 2019, and in order uphold his legacy to global manufacturing and innovation, the new role will drive forward innovations in research-led teaching and scholarship, using the evidence to bring about the changes the late Lord Bhattacharyya wanted to see in the world.

This will include new ways to inspire young people from different backgrounds to pursue Engineering careers through the WMG Academies for Young Engineers, degree apprenticeships, and professional skills programmes, along with an opportunity to explore innovation in the higher education space more widely.

Professor Robin Clark, Dean of WMG, University of Warwick said:

“WMG is an internationally renowned academic department of the University, known for bridging the gap between industry and academia, working with companies and organisations on both fundamental and applied research and importantly the development of education programmes which will provide the skills needed for both the current and future needs of industry.

“The new Lord Bhattacharyya Chair in Education role will help us to further develop the relationship between our teaching and our research. In doing this it will enable us to develop an evidence base on which to create innovative, engaging and authentic learning opportunities for a diverse range of students. This, with strong industry links, is something that we feel Professor Lord Bhattacharyya would be excited about.”

In 2016 WMG was awarded a Regius Professorship in Manufacturing, which was bestowed by Her Majesty the Queen in recognition of the transformational contributions that Professor Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya made to UK manufacturing. The new role will complement the Regius Professorship and celebrate Lord Bhattacharyya’s impact on engineering and manufacturing internationally.

The role has been created with thanks to a donation of £1.5 million, gifted by a Warwick Alumnus, reflecting continuing enthusiasm for supporting exceptional research and education, despite the global financial impact of the pandemic.

Margot James, Executive Chair of WMG, University of Warwick, said:

“We are incredibly grateful for such a generous gift from a member of our alumni community, which will enable the new Lord Bhattacharyya Chair in Education role to ensure that Professor Lord Bhattacharyya’s emphasis on the pursuit of excellence in education is preserved.

“We anticipate that the successful appointee will extend further WMG’s teaching partnerships with industry and our international partners in Asia, enabling us to facilitate high quality and meaningful professional, international and intercultural learning opportunities, that broaden the global perspectives of our students.”

The new post will provide academic leadership at the interface between research and teaching, helping to ensure that WMG’s fundamental and applied research outputs in engineering and manufacturing are placed at the heart of a teaching agenda that promotes and embeds innovation.

Professor Stuart Croft, Vice Chancellor of the University of Warwick, said:

“We are extremely grateful to the alumnus who has gifted such a generous amount despite the financial impact of the pandemic. Donations like this help us stay committed to enhancing and exceeding education standards.

“The new role of Lord Bhattacharyya Chair in Education at WMG will continue Professor Lord Bhattacharyya’s legacy, and help us thrive in connecting education, research and industry, setting up our graduates for a successful future.”

It is hoped the new role will be recruited to in 2022.

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