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Plantlife’s No Mow May initiative

Did you know that the University aims to achieve Biodiversity and Ecology Net Gain as part of our new Way to Sustainable strategy? We’re making it our mission to protect, create and enhance habitats and species within the campus and beyond. Our Grounds team play a key role in helping us achieve our goals and have already planted more than 1,000 trees and hedgerow plants during the autumn and winter months to support wildlife.  
For the third year running we’re proud to share how our Grounds team will be participating in the Plantlife’s No Mow May initiative and leaving areas of grassland to grow throughout the summer months. The team are also sowing more wildflower meadows to complement the large area that was sown by Windmill Hill last summer, with some flowers already on show. You will find that wildflower areas will be sown at Gibbet Hill, Sherbourne, Arthur Vick and Westwood. 

Find out more about our campus walking routes here.  

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