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Rate Your Landlord

Rate Your Landlord has now launched at the University of Warwick. A partnership led by Warwick Students' Union, working in collaboration with the University and Unipol Student Homes, this new platform not only allows students to leave feedback on their renting experiences and help them to make informed decisions about their next accommodation; but it also aids in driving up the quality of student housing by incentivising landlords to become one of the top-rated landlords across Coventry and Warwickshire, as voted by our students.

Rate Your Landlord Awards 2023

Join us on 25 April for the next awards event where we will celebrate the best student landlords across Coventry and Warwickshire. For more details, email 

What is Rate Your Landlord?

Rate Your Landlord is a review and ratings website that allows student tenants to leave feedback about their renting experiences. Rate Your Landlord provides an open, fair and balanced forum for tenants to review their renting experience and for landlords to respond. The site aims to identify and showcase landlords that give tenants a really positive experience and encourages students to rent from these providers. It has become a popular tool used in the house hunting process by both tenants and landlords.

How will Rate Your Landlord be used?

Landlords can use their consumer feedback to identify any potential improvements to their services, as well as benefitting from the many positive reviews they have received each year. The site provides useful marketing material for landlords and agents to promote their properties, identifying and directing students to the most trustworthy and reliable landlords and agents in the area. The website will help students make good choices on their next home as reviews can be left for properties by tenants from the last three academic years, scoring their experience in response to prompts like value for money, handing repairs, and safety and security.

For Students:
University of Warwick students are asked to rate their own housing experience on 8 indicators. In each case the student is presented with a 1 to 5 scale. The 8 ratings are:

  • The signing and letting process
  • The landlord provided good customer service
  • The landlord dealt with repairs effectively
  • The property is safe and secure
  • My house feels like home
  • The property is good value for money
  • The moving out process was good
  • The landlord handled my deposit fairly

There is an opportunity for additional comments to be made, subject to a 140 character limit.

For Landlords and representatives:

Rate Your Landlord is committed to giving landlords a right of response – whether just to say thanks or to offer a little more context. Comments and general impressions can be responded to and landlords can make any general comments they wish, also subject to a 140 character limit.

After a student has provided a review, their landlord will be sent the moderated review with the opportunity to comment. After five working days, whether or not the landlord has exercised their right of reply, the review will go live. Landlords can still post a right of reply after the five days.

If any users of the website have a concern about a live review they can use the easy ‘report a review’ function and the moderation team will investigate.

If you’re a Warwick student, help other students to make informed decisions about their next home by leaving your review here.

Any questions? Email us! community at warwick dot ac dot uk

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