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Project Leaders

Would you like to gain leadership and project management experience, and enhance your skills?

Project Leaders are committed, enthusiastic volunteers who help coordinate our projects. The roles are demanding and require a significant time commitment, but are extremely rewarding and develop core transferable skills.

We recruit leaders for both new and longer-standing projects for the following academic year.

Roles and Responsibilities

Project Leaders are vital to the successful running of Warwick Volunteers. They work closely with community partners and volunteers to ensure the smooth running and development of projects. Whilst all Project Leader roles are different because of the individual nature of each project, the following responsibilities represent a core set of tasks all Project Leaders need to complete.

  • Recruit sufficient volunteers for the project through a variety of means; the Volunteering Fair, the Warwick Volunteers website, social media etc.
  • Support volunteers throughout the project duration, ensuring they feel fully aware of the processes and procedures involved in volunteering, and ensuring a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere on your project.
  • Inform volunteers about training, transport, expenses, DBS checks as appropriate and update the office staff about volunteers and the project.
  • Organise information sessions, volunteer meetings and project activities. Update project webpage and get feedback from volunteers.
Project Leader Timeline

Recruitment Process

1. Take a look at the Project Leader Roles. Identify which role(s) you are interested in. Make sure you understand what commitment the role requires, and that you are able to undertake this. The time commitment is often significantly more than for a project volunteer, as you will be responsible for planning, preparation, evaluation and handover in addition to delivering project activities.

2. Complete an application form. Once you've decided you want to apply, you will need to complete an application form outlining your motivations and ideas for the role. The deadline to submit application forms  9am Tuesday 17 August 2021, please email

3. Interviews. Project Leader positions are popular, and there may be more people interested in a role than positions available. Application forms and interviews are used to select Project Leaders.

Current Vacancies

This page lists all of the Project Leader roles available in Warwick Volunteers. Those marked ν have a vacancy.