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by Bus

Get directions by public transport with:

Network West Midlands

National Express Coventry


Keep hold of your bus tickets and complete an expenses form to claim back your money. We cannot reimburse contactless payments because they don't issue a ticket or receipt, unless you can show evidence of the expenditure on your bank statement.

on Foot

Search for walking directions using the journey planner

by Car

We can pay mileage from campus or your term-time address to your volunteering activity, which ever is closer, if you use your own car. The current rate is 25 pence per mile. You need to check first with your insurer that you are covered for volunteering and ensure your car is in a roadworthy condition. If you are accepting a lift from another volunteer in their car, you should check with them that they have insurance cover in place.

by Minibus

Speak to a member of staff if you need to arrange transport for a large group.

by Taxi

There are some limited circumstances in which we can book a taxi for volunteers e.g. if your project is based in an area that cannot be reached by public transport and there are at least two of you travelling together, or if you are travelling alone after dark.

A taxi booking request can be submitted to Warwick Volunteers. Taxis must be booked by a staff member. All taxi travel requests are subject to approval, and are not guaranteed.