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Conversation Club Fifth Session (16/11/16)

Topic: Holidays

Attendants: 4 participants and 11 volunteers

This week’s holiday was impressive in terms of volunteers leading activities instead of exec. Of course the training session beforehand proved useful. Participants were also very engaged in group work and role play. The session started with a warmer by one volunteer ‘What is your favourite song?’ The whole session was led by one volunteer who invited other volunteers to lead activities. The first activity was ‘Tell a story of a holiday you went on’. Participants had a list of vocabulary, useful phrases and example dialogues to practise in groups. At the end of the break, volunteer officer Georgia gave an announcement of Sunday meal and she reminded volunteers and participants of the time and venue. After the break, they had the chance to do a role play using the new vocabulary about holidays. Some visited an agent and booked a journey for them and for their families. Others did a troubled scenario where a passenger’s journey was cancelled. Interestingly, no Arabic was used to give instructions and volunteers used alternatives such as drawing and body language. Then we all had the chance to sit in a circle and exchange what people learned in the session. There was one new participant whose English was very basic and he needed one to one support with one volunteer who speaks some Arabic. All participants had notes and printouts to take with to continue practice. We missed the group picture in this session but our photographer Becky did capture what was going during the session.


Fri 02 Dec 2016, 12:18