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UNISON is committed to:

  • Winning equal pay for work of equal value
  • Securing equal rights for part-timers and term-time workers
  • A fair wage for public service employees
  • Ending low pay and improving the minimum wage
  • Stopping the development of a two-tier workforce
  • Increasing the basic state pension
  • Ensuring a proper balance between work and home life

To find out more about what UNISON is doing about these issues please see the UNISON Campaigns page.

Current national Campaigns

A Million Voices for Public Services
We want to see changes that put people before profit and public interest before private greed.

Our NHS Our Future
Campaign to protect the NHS and ensure it remains a public service that gives quality services that are local, easy to access and free when we need them.

Ensuring your retirement is not blighted by poverty.

Health and safety
UNISON is fighting to make work a safer place.

For a full list, see the UNISON website.