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Demilitarise Warwick Partnerships for Ethical Investment

Our branch motion to Demilitarise Warwick Partnerships for Ethical Investment

At our branch AGM on 19/02/2024, UNISON University of Warwick has passed a motion on Demilitarisation of University Partnerships for Ethical Investment.

This is our members, people whose work facilitate and promote the University's education and research and help create the University's wealth, demanding an ethical partnership on Warwick's academic and research programmes, and to cut ties with arms companies in light of the ICJ's ruling of Israel's plausible genocide in Gaza, and Palestine Solidarity Campaign's (PSC) call for divestment from arms companies complicit in the oppression, apartheid, and bombardment of Palestinian people.

UNISON PSC previous campaign and delegation

UNISON's spotlight on A Dangerous Occupation in Palestine

UNISON has set an example in showing international solidarity and is affiliated with Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC). UNISON and PSC has co-produced booklet A Dangerous Occupation, which tells the conditions of Palestinian workers under apartheid and Israeli occupation for the past 50 years.

UNISON was the first trade union in the UK to call for an immediate ceasefire in November 2023. Through this motion, we respond to UNISON's national call to organise locally for an immediate ceasefire and Palestinian liberation.

At Warwick, we recognise the tremendous impact of the ongoing violence in Palestine for both staff and students we work with.

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[Image source: UNISON website]

PSC Youth movement of university students holding banners for "time to get apartheid off campus"

Arms companies in HE and apartheid on campus

PSC has been calling for Apartheid off Campus, for an end to our universities’ research, commercial and institutional partnerships with Israel. That means full divestment from weapons and technology manufacturers which arm Israel’s plausible genocide in Gaza.

Trade unions in Palestine have also called for global support, including by "not producing or distributing weapons for and to Israel, taking action against complicit companies involved in implementing Israel’s siege of Gaza, and to pressure governments to stop all military trade with Israel".

In response, we ask the University to immediately terminate its partnerships with Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems and Moog on the BEng Electromechanical Engineering Degree Apprenticeship and call for a creation of new, ethical partnerships policy.

Read our motion

[Image source: PSC website]

Local actions on Warwick campus to call for demilitarisation

Warwick, divest for an ethical partnership

In November 2023, over 520 students and staff signed the Open Letter urging University Council to demilitarise Warwick.

As of now, Warwick SU, UCU, and UNISON have all passed motions supporting demilitarisation and divestment at Warwick.

In collaboration with campus trade unions, student societies, and local community groups we seek individuals to facilitate meetings, join discussions, participate in events, and raise awareness about this campaign in the workplace.

Members, please email us to join our working group focusing on supporting Palestine, organising peaceful protests, and actions on campus and in Coventry. As a trade union member, you're entitled to reasonable time-off to participate in UNISON events.

Non-members, please consider participating through the Warwick Student Staff Solidarity Network's open meetings held in the evenings.

[Image source: Warwick for Palestine]