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UNISON Branch Committee

If you need to contact the branch in general, please email

Who is on the committee?

The branch committee are responsible for your local branch of UNISON. They consult, support, and represent members of the branch on a wide range of issues, from health & safety to equality, diversity & inclusion.

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The branch is looking for members interested in the following positions:

  • Health and Safety Representatives (multiple)
  • Stewards (for their department/area) (multiple)
  • Black Members' Officer
  • Women's Officer
  • LGBT+ Members Officer
  • Young Members Officer
  • Disabled Members Officer
  • Retired Members Officer
  • Labour Link Officer
  • Union Learning Representatives (multiple)

Are you interested in taking on one of the vacant roles above? Please contact the the branch via email at .

Branch Secretary

Sam Parr
Dean of Students' Office

Contact via , 07897840596

The branch secretary is the main contact for the branch, and between the branch and the wider union.

They are part of the branch's leadership team alongside the treasurer and chair. They are also a senior negotiator.

The details of the role may vary depending on branch size, but typically it will cover areas such as:

  • acting as the strategic lead officer and co-ordinator within the branch;
  • encouraging partnership working within the branch committee and the development of new representatives and stewards;
  • managing any branch staff;
  • managing the delegation of work to other branch officers and branch staff as appropriate, while providing support and guidance;
  • guiding the branch’s development by preparing and implementing a branch organisation and development plan;
  • making sure the representation of members within the branch is in accordance with national guidance and in partnership with regional staff;
  • convening and attending all meetings of the branch and branch committees and making sure proper minutes are kept and circulated;
  • making sure branch records are kept in a proper manner;
  • making sure the branch processes membership applications speedily and accurately and maintains records in accordance with UNISON’s systems;
  • making sure there is regular communication with branch members, including news of campaigns, negotiations, issues, branch developments and activities;
  • communicating with the wider union, including the region and centre, on behalf of the branch;
  • making sure that branch members are aware of opportunities to take part in the activities of the wider union, including self-organisation if appropriate;
  • supporting, mentoring and encouraging stewards and reps in the branch on an individual and collective basis; co-ordinating all branch negotiations and industrial relations matters;
  • leading the branch committee in making sure that the branch observes the union’s rules, supports UNISON campaigns and works towards achieving UNISON’s objectives.