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Warwick UNISON affiliation with ACORN the community union

ACORN X banner where a dozen people standing in unity in front of a residential house waving flags

To protect housing rights is to protect workers' rights

In 2023, UNISON University of Warwick branch is officially affiliated with ACORN the Community Union.


"It is us, ordinary people that truly power society and create the country’s wealth. Yet it is our housing that’s not good enough, our services and jobs that are cut.

Trade unions in decades before have brought together workers to fight and win. As a community union, we bring together all kinds of people to do the same, on all the issues that matter to us.

It’s hard to defeat bosses, landlords or politicians alone, but united together in our thousands, we can win." ACORN the Community Union

See ACORN's wins across the country.

ACORN Coventry members standing in rows linking arms

People power keeps Coventry family in their homeLink opens in a new window

See how 25 local ACORN members kept a vulnerable family of four in their Coventry home through direct action when they were put at risk of homelessness by their landlord.

Our take

Our committee Secretary Sam Parr expresses the thoughts behind the affiliation:

"It's simply not possible to separate the issue of fair employment from wider issues of safe housing, food poverty, the cost of living, transport and public services. Affiliating with ACORN is one way we're supporting colleagues and their communities, in and outside of work."

ACORN's response

"Unison’s affiliation is welcomed by Acorn Coventry and demonstrates a commitment to the furtherance of our shared goals. The issues that affect Unison members affect Acorn members. They are often the same people – those who provide vital services that sustain our society whilst reaping the least benefit. Unison organises to change this in the workplace. Acorn organises to change this in our communities. Together we are stronger and can take what is ours."

Nick Humphries, Chair, Acorn Coventry.