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Update on trade union recognition in wholly-owned companies

The University has several wholly-owned companies, including Unitemps and, and staff in these companies can be members of our branch.

Management in some of these companies have previously been reluctant to engage with the trade unions, stating that they do not recognise us. Upon questioning at the Joint Consultative Committee*, the University disclosed that staff working in their wholly-owned companies are not employed by the wholly-owned companies but by the University, or otherwise are agency workers employed by agencies such as Unitemps.

All staff on University terms and conditions (including those working in wholly-owned companies rather than University departments) are included in our recognition agreement with the University. The University has agreed that agency workers are also within our recognition agreement after 12 weeks' work.

This gives us greater power to negotiate improved working conditions for members and their colleagues working in the University's wholly-owned companies.

*the termly meeting between University management and trade union representatives