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Updates from AGM 2024

We wish to share some key updates and actions from the AGM.

There have been some exciting new additions to our branch. You can view the full list of Officers and Stewards on our webpage. Our newly elected officers include:

  • Equalities Officer Sophie Clark (Student Union)
  • Health and Safety Officer Nick Humphries (The Library) as alongside Carl Messenger
  • Membership Officer Nick Humphries (alongside Carl Messenger, Karen Markey, and Yue Zhou)
  • Young Members Officer Yue Zhou (Centre for Lifelong Learning)

Your newly steward for various departments include

  • Nick Humphries (The Library)
  • Nicolas Burdett (Unitemps)
  • James Clement (Wellbeing and Student Support)
  • Yue Zhou (Centre for Lifelong Learning)

We have also voted on and passed two motions to support two significant local campaigns at Warwick, which are:

Motion 1: A Warwick Campus Food Service for All

We believe that as a trade union we have a role in play in making campus food affordable to everyone, produces, sources, and serves sustainable, inclusive and healthy food, and that people working on our food should be paid fairly and work in fair conditions. We wants to put democratic structures and our needs in the centre of transformation of food outlets at and from Warwick Food Group.
Get involved and active in our Food Working Group

Motion 2: Demilitarise Warwick Partnerships for Ethical Investment

We also believe that our workplace should not directly or indirectly invest in academic or research programmes with arms companies that produce weapons, especially when they are involved in oppression, apartheid and the plausible genocide in Palestine.
Join our Working Group to call for demilitarisation