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Lecture Programme 2011/12


Lectures will be given in the Physics Lecture Theatre (over the bridge from the library) on Wednesdays at 12.00 noon.

Week Term 1

1 5 October Introduction to the Course/ "The" "European" "Novel" Dr Macdonald - Handout - Handout2

2 12 October "No Priest Attended Him" (The Sorrows of Young Werther) Dr Macdonald - Handout

3 19 October The Novel and Authorship (Frankenstein) Dr Jenainati

4 26 October The Novel and History (S and B) Dr Forman - Handout

5 2 November Realism and the Nineteenth-Century Novel (S and B, Mme B) Dr Macdonald - Realismslides Quotes Wood on Flaubert

6 9 November Reading Week - No lecture

7 16 November Readers in the Texts (S and B, Mme B, AK, CP) Dr Macdonald Readers.pdf

8 23 November Transparent Mind and Points of View in The Novel (GE) Prof Mee - Handout

9 30 November Women in/and The Novel (GE, Mme B, CP, AK) Dr Wood - Handout

10 7 December The Novel and Crime (GE, CP) Dr Mukherjee Slides



Week Term 2

1 11 January The Novel and the City (GE, CP, Hunger, The Quest) Dr Macdonald Slides

2 18 January Naturalism (Germinal) Dr Macdonald - Handout 

3 25 January The Novel and Class (Germinal/The Quest) Dr Macdonald Slides

4 1 February Realism, Modernism and Self-conscious fiction (The Quest, Hunger, The Dangerous Age) Dr Macdonald Slides

5 8 February The Novel and Subjectivity (Hunger, The Dangerous Age) Dr Wood Handout

6 15 February Reading Week - No lecture

7 22 February 'The Banal and the Brutal' (Skylark) Dr Wood

8 29 February The Novel and Other Europes (The Leopard) Dr Mukherjee

9 7 March The European Novel and “Globalisation” (Germinal, Skylark, The Leopard, The Atom Station) Dr Macdonald

10 14 March Conclusion: Europe/Periphery/World (Werther to The Atom Station) Dr Macdonald


Week Term 3

1 25 April Revision Lecture Dr Macdonald

2 2 May Revision Lecture/Exam Prep Dr Macdonald/Dr Mukherjee