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Lectures 2013/14


Lectures will be given in the Lecture Room L4 on Wednesdays at 12.00 noon.

Week Term 1

1. 2 October: "Werther and the Rise of the Self" (The Sorrows of Young Werther) Dr Hulse

2. 9 October: Introduction to the Course/ "The" "European" "Novel", Dr Mukherjee Handout- Handout

3. 16 October: “Emma, Gender and Genre” (Emma) Dr Frith

4. 23 October: “The Lives of Things” (Madame Bovary) Dr Mukherjee

5. 30 October “Cities on the Hill” (Madame Bovaryand Great Expectations) Dr Mukherjee

6. 6 November: Reading Week - No lecture

7. 13 November: “Narration and Nation” (Great Expectations) Dr Mathieson

8. 20 November: The Novel and Crime (GE, Crime and Punishment) Dr Mukherjee Slides

9. 27 November: Readers in the Text (MB, CP, Anna Karenina) Dr Macdonald Slides

10. 4 December (Anna Karenina) Dr Macdonald Slides

Week Term 2

1. 8 January: “Naturalism” (Germinal) Dr Macdonald - Handout Slides

2. 15 January: “The Novel and Class” (Germinal/The Quest) Dr Macdonald Slides

3. 22 January: “The Aesthetic of Refusal” (Hunger) Dr Mukherjee Handout

4. 29 January: “Doll’s Houses” (The Dangerous Age) Dr Mukherjee Slides Handout

5. 5 February: “Realism, Modernism and Self-conscious fiction” (The Quest, Hunger, The Dangerous Age) Dr Macdonald Slides

6. 12 February: Reading Week - No lecture

7. 19 February: “The European Novel and ‘Globalisation’”( Germinal, Skylark, The Leopard, The Atom Station) Dr Macdonald Slides

8. 26 February: “The Novel and Other Europes” (The Leopard) Dr Mukherjee Slides Handout

9. 5 March 'A Desert With Silent Voices: Antunes and Postimperial Europe' (The Land at the End of the World) Prof de-Medeiros Slides

10. 12 March Conclusion: Round Table Discussion: Dr Macdonald, Dr Mukherjee, Prof de-Medeiros

Week Term 3

1. 23 April: No Lecture

2. 30 April: Exam/Revision Lecture Dr Macdonald

3. 6th May: Exam Prep Dr Macdonald