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Vol.5 No.4 Dec 2011

    Ten Canadian poets
Roo Borson   Two poems
Richard Carter   Walk in the Gatineau Hills
Kim Maltman   Two poems
Priscila Uppal   In Defense of the Canon
Don Coles   John Brand
Bruce Meyer   The Narrows
Marilyn Bowering   Three poems
Kenneth Sherman   The Tailor
George Ellenbogen   Two poems
Christopher Doda   Adorno
    The body
Fatin Abbas   Womb Memories
Philip Langeskov   Marta
Paul Blaney   Dust & Ashes
Chris Vaughan   Wendy Daughter, Wendy Sister
Joel Lane   Tender
Martin Monahan   Good Morning, and then
Claire Trévien
Andrew Fentham   Mime
Oli Hazzard   Two poems
Nicholas Royle   on Christien Gholson
Simon Rae   on Clare Morgan
Jackie Wills   Two poems
Chris Miller   on Philippe Jaccottet and Pierre-Albert Jourdan
Rod Mengham   on Hungarian, Macedonian and Slovak poetry
Grace Schulman   The First Printmaker
Don Russ
  Two poems
John Wheway   Two poems
Charles Wilkinson   Water Laughing
Robin Scofield   John on Patmos
Jackie Wills   on Tiffany Atkinson, Naomi Foyle, Christine McNeill and Esther Morgan
Tim Liardet   on Peter Bennet, Philip Fried, Glyn Hughes and Gregory Woods
Michael McKimm   on Roger Caldwell, Will Eaves and Desmond Graham
Anthony Caleshu   on Gwyneth Lewis
Fiona Pitt-Kethley   Film diary
    Notes on contributors

Ten Canadian poets