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Vol.6 No.2 Jun 2012

    Summer Fiction
Ron Rash   Those Who Are Dead Are Only Now Forgiven
Ashley Stokes   If All Things Remain Equal
Bill Jones   A Bed
Steven Earnshaw   Correspondence
John Saul   Saltaire
Jaki McCarrick   The Hemingway Papers
Charles Boyle   on Tim Parks
William Palmer   on Miha Mazzini
Robert Graham   on Deborah Morgan and Mez Packer
    New Writing from Australia
Mike Ladd   Learn to Speak the Language
David Brooks   The Cellar
Stephen Edgar   Two poems
Jennifer Compton   Lisboa 1755
Tracy Ryan   Three Michaelmas Poems
Jan Owen   The Genealogy Thing
Geoff Page   “I had no poetry at school”
Andrew Taylor   Whatever the occasion
Craig Powell   The Buddhas
Peter Goldsworthy   Collecting Things and Looking Up Their Names in Books
Christopher Burns   on Peter Carey
B. N. Oakman   Belchite, October 2011
Martin Harrison   Daybreak
Jill Jones   Negative Breathing
Michael Farrell   Check the Motor
Liam Ferney   An Odd Moss
Richard James Allen   Goodbye
David Brooks   Two poems
Swithun Cooper   on John Kinsella
Anthony Caleshu   on Barry Hill
Ian Revie   on J. S. Harry, Jennifer Maiden and Gig Ryan
    Brief notice
Peter Rawlings   Two poems
John Greening   Two poems
John Greening   on Peter Redgrove
Michael Henry   Funeral Kiss
Matt Bryden   Mladá Boleslav
Katrina Naomi   After the Storm
Ian Revie   Emperor Koi
John F. Deane   Two poems
Eamon Grennan   Three poems
Mary O'Donnell   Two poems
    Brief notice
Patrick Moran   Divining
Noel King   Hot Collar
John Fitzgerald   Epigram
William Bedford   on Simon Curtis, Stuart Henson, Hubert Moore, John Weston
and John Hartley Williams
Carl Tighe   Six Memories
Omar Sabbagh   Letter from Beirut
    Brief notice
    Notes on contributors