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Vol.7 No.2 Jun 2013

A. J. Ashworth   One Small Thing
John Saul   Ana does the twist
Cathia Jenainati   on Elias Khoury
Alan Mahar   on Andreï Makine
Caterina Sinibaldi   on Antonio Pennacchi
Anita Mason   on William Palmer
Rod Mengham   Diary of an Imperial Surgeon
John Kinsella   The Eagle
Jennifer Compton   Distance
William Palmer   on Christopher Koch
Charles Boyle   on Eduardo Halfon
Roxanne Ellen Bibizadeh   on Miral al-Tahawy
Nicholas Royle   on Daniela Cascella
Kirsty Gunn   Elegy
    Out of Warwick
Jonathan Edwards   Two poems
James Brookes   Two poems
Jenny Holden   Bad Choices
Phil Brown   Two poems
Emily Hasler   Two poems
Rowena Macdonald   Tending the Sick
Jane Commane   On the New Bypass
Claire Trévien   Roots
Michael McKimm   Plenary
Joanna Rossiter   Pink Lady
Tim Leach   from The Second Death
Andrew Crumey   on Tim Leach
Martin Goodman   on Joanna Rossiter
Robert Graham   on Phil Jourdan
Lawrence Sail   on Zoë Brigley, James Brookes, Phil Brown, Emily Hasler and
Claire Trévien
    Like Migrating Birds
Judith Beveridge   from Devadatta’s Poems
Lesley Saunders   from Periplous: The Voyages of Pytheas
Jackie Wills   Three poems
Pauline Stainer   Two poems
Gerard Smyth   on John F. Deane
John F. Deane   Old Burningbush
Usha Kishore   Blinding Light
Michael Henry   Shakespeare Cliff
David Broadbridge   The Juggler
Maitreyabandhu   Wild Bees
Omar Sabbagh   The Bad Minuet
Hilary Menos   on Caroline Clark, Carol Coates, Abi Curtis and Pauline Stainer
Richie McCaffery   on recent poetry pamphlets
    Brief notice 
    Notes on contributors