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Vol.5 No.1 Mar 2011

    Warwick Review featured writers:
Ewa Lipska, Tony Barnstone
Ewa Lipska   from Dr. Sefer
Ewa Lipska   in interview 
Ewa Lipska   Three poems
Tony Barnstone   in interview 
Tony Barnstone   The People in the Wall
    Operation Ragnarok
    Poetry and medicine (I)
Carrie Etter   Heroin Song
Jackie Wills   Five poems
Clare Best   Five poems
Anne-Marie Irwin   Four poems
Can Sönmez   on Gwyneth Lewis
    Brief notice
Joel E. Cohen   Cough
Frank Dullaghan   Rabbit
W. N. Herbert   from Errant
David Troupes   The Sickness
    Time Management
Mourid Barghouti
  Three poems
Jessica Stilling
  Between Silences
James Peacock   on Paul Auster
Swithun Cooper   on Arun Kolatkar
John Greening   on John Haynes
Kathryn Simmonds   Time Management
Gerard Donovan   on Günter Grass
William Bedford   on Lawrence Sail
Ian Revie   on Kristiina Ehin, Doris Kareva and Pia Tafdrup
André Naffis-Sahely
  The Death of Atticus
Nicholas Royle   on Colm Tóibín
Can Sönmez   on Peter Reading
Jackie Wills   on Grace Nichols
Tony Roberts   on Oliver Reynolds
Emily Hasler   on Wanda Barford, Joel Lane and Alex Smith
Don Barnard   on Anthony Caleshu and Nicholas Jagger
Carrie Etter   on Katie Donovan and Katherine Gallagher
Emily Hasler   on poetry pamphlets
Will Stone   Harrowing
Donald Atkinson   “Keeping time, time, time”
    Brief notices
    Notes on contributors