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Vol.6 No.1 Mar 2012

    New Writing from New Zealand
Vincent O’Sullivan   On a Clear Day
Fiona Kidman   Red Bell
Elizabeth Smither   Phrases
Craig Cliff   The Cuddies
Gregory O’Brien   A Genealogy
C. K. Stead   At Bogliasco
Chris Price   Three Readers in the Jardin du Luxembourg
Diana Bridge   Two poems
Vincent O’Sullivan   Two poems
Chris Miller   on Vincent O’Sullivan
Don Barnard   on Johanna Emeney, Anna Jackson and Gregory O’Brien
    Brief notice
Russell Goulbourne   on Fiona Farrell
Patrick Evans   Letter from Christchurch
Anne Chamberlain   Postcard from Wellington
Charles Boyle   Budapest
Ailsa Cox   Renaissance Man
Nicholas Royle   on Elanor Dymott
Andrew Crumey   on Christopher Burns
Gerard Donovan   on David Bezmozgis
Charles Boyle   on Ellis Sharp
Barbara Bridger   on Louis Armand, Marc Atkins and Christien Gholson
James Lindesay   Three poems
Omar Sabbagh   Two poems
Joshua Davis   Two poems
Carrie Etter   London
Terese Coe   Deceptions
Thyrza Leyshon   Portrait of an Author as a Fish
Peter Branson   E Equals M C Squared
Christopher James   The Horse in the City
William Bedford   on Kevin Crossley-Holland and Douglas Houston
Tiffany Atkinson   on Tim Liardet, Rupert M. Loydell and Will Stone
Lawrence Sail   on Judy Brown, Nancy Gaffield, Eoghan Walls and Ahren Warner
Omar Sabbagh   on Carole Bromley, Christopher James and Fawzia Kane
    Brief notices

Notes on contributors