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Vol.7 No.1 Mar 2013

    Spring fiction
Jaspreet Singh   from Helium
Anita Mason   on Mikhail Shishkin
Russell Goulbourne   on Philippe Claudel
Will Eaves   The Absent Therapist
Kirsty Gunn   on Murray Bail
Martin Goodman   on Andrez Bergen
Wendy Brandmark   He Runs the Moon
William Palmer   on Lawrence Norfolk
Nicholas Royle   on Stewart Home
Simon Rae   on Zoe Venditozzi
    Days of Reckoning
Judith Wilkinson   Improvising Prosperi’s Marathon
Chris Miller   on Geoffrey Hill
Peter Larkin   on Michael Heller
Elizabeth Smither   Two poems
Lucy Dougan   Two poems
D. M. Black   Two poems
Harry Ricketts   on Peter McDonald
Michael McKimm   on Paul Muldoon
Gerard Smyth   Three poems
Keiran Patrick Goddard   Hen and Chickens Public House
Richie McCaffery   The Consul
William Bedford   on Chris Andrews, Michael Farrell and Chris Wallace-Crabbe
Michael Farrell   Richard and Delilah
Jackie Wills   on Damian Walford Davies, Hélène Dorion, Kate Foley, and Caroline Gilfillan
Emily Hasler   on poetry pamphlets
Gerard Smyth   Remembering Dennis O’Driscoll
    Notes on contributors