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Vol.5 No.3 Sep 2011

    Gohorry’s Coventry
John Gohorry   Keeping the City
    Cracking the shells 
Fabio Morábito   The Early Morning Bakery
David Rose   Dalí and the Lobster
Andrew Crumey   on Ali Smith
Anita Mason   on Diego Marani
Dina Greenberg   Accomplices
Nicholas Royle   The Lancashire Fusilier
William Palmer   on William Heinesen
Claire Harman   Poor Maggie Kirkpatrick
    Brief notices
    Keys and knots
Lesley Saunders   Three poems
Chris Miller   on Geoffrey Hill
Ian Revie   on Fawzi Karim, Meta Kusar, Marcelijus Martinaitis and Gonca Özmen
Stephen Gray   Two poems
Brian Swann   Two poems
Zelda Alpern   Two poems
Peter Larkin   Brushwood By Inflection, 2
Helen May Dennis   on Jenny Bornholdt, Michael Harlow, Chris Price and Ian Wedde
Michael McKimm   on Tony Curtis, John F. Deane, John McAuliffe and John Montague
Michael McKimm   Two poems
Jodie Hollander   Two poems
Rupert Loydell  

The taller you are, the shorter you get

Linda Rose Parkes   The crooked finger
James Davey   If I Had the Wings of a Sparrow
David Hale   Lee Miller photographed in Hitler’s bath
John Greening   Four poems from Knot
John Greening   on Ian Pople, Susan Wicks and Nerys Williams
Tony Roberts   on Michael Waters
    Brief notice
    Notes on contributors