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Vol.6 No.3 Sep 2012

  Lives of Men
Juan Gabriel Vásquez
from The Sound of Things Falling
Anita Mason
from Chuichui
Andrew Crumey on Ron Rash
Philip Fried Two poems
Tony Roberts Colonial Williamsburg
Tony Barnstone A Green Grasshopper
Douglas Houston The Tropic of Deighton
Tamar Yellin Leaving the Nest
William Palmer on Shimmer Chinodya and Zimbabwean short stories
Landeg White The Gift of Tongues
Chris Preddle The Christian People
Paul Freeman Shapes
David Ball Tall Regency Bonnets
Karl Manders Night Music
Anita Mason on Jonathan Taylor
Byron Beynon At the Grave of Henry Vaughan
Patrick Mackie On Inevitability
Ian Pople That Summer
Oliver Comins Summer’s Passing
Tony Roberts on Jonathan Davidson, Neil Powell and Omar Sabbagh
  Poetry and Medicine (2)
Gerard Beirne Vision of the Healer
Wendy French A Medical Student Walks the Night before Finals
Jane Kirwan Decades
Emily Wills Unscheduled Care Incident 242
Ian Revie Self Portrait from a Hospital Bed
Mary O’Donnell The Parts
Michael Henry My Father’s Report on Toulouse-Lautrec
Stuart Barnes ValproateFluoxetineClonazepam
Michael McKimm on Philip Gross
Don Barnard on Lesley Saunders
Tony Roberts on Clare Best
  When you have finished the unfinishing
Justin Quinn The Lost Child
Chris Miller on Jacques Dupin and John Taylor
Grace Schulman Two poems
Martin Bennett Six Short Poems after Apollinaire
Jennifer Martin Slow and Steady Rain
Rebecca Farmer Not the Grey
Claire Harman The Bridge
Elizabeth Stott The Emancipation of Margot Feather
Greg Gatenby on Chibundu Onuzo
Nicholas Royle on Rowena Macdonald
Sholeh Wolpé How Hard Is It to Write a Love Song?
Shanta Acharya Making Things Right
Lisken Van Pelt Dus Invitation: Orion
Helene Cardona Between Klimt and Giacometti
Claire Trévien on D. Nurkse and Gjertrud Schnackenberg
William Bedford on Duncan Bush, Graham Mort, Cheryl Moskowitz and Lorna Thorpe
Jackie Wills on Olivia Byard, Rhian Edwards and Nicholas Murray
  Notes on contributors