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CHM Events

COVID LOCKDOWN UPDATE: During the current crisis, we are sorry to say that many CHM events have been postponed or cancelled. However, our Works-in-Progress series remains alive and well, and will be operating virtually! A revised schedule appears below. If you are interested in joining us online for these very informal gatherings, please contact the Centre.

CHM offers a wide range of events across the academic year. We also list some external/non-CHM events that may also be of interest. Please scroll down or use the links below for further details and to find out what's on:



Everyone is welcome to attend our seminars, normally on Tuesday evenings.

This year, there is a focus on the history of science, technology and medicine, with several of the seminars showcasing the work of staff at Warwick. This year's series is convened by Dr Elise Smith, Dr James Poskett and Dr Michael Bycroft.

Please follow the links for more information about each event.

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Conferences, Symposia and Workshops

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Reading Lunches

The History of Medicine Reading Lunch is a student-run reading group which meets regularly to discuss readings selected by its members. It is a forum for students from all disciplines and at all stages of their academic career to meet and to satisfy their scholarly, social and nutritional needs. Teaching and research fellows and staff are also welcome to attend. We look forward to seeing you there!

The 2019-20 events are convened by Ed, Devane (PhD student), Daniela, Cullum (MA Student) and Stefan Bernhardt-Radu (MA student). Please follow the links for more information about each event.

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Academic Skills Sessions

These student/staff run sessions endeavour to provide tools essential to becoming a successful 'all round' professional researcher; from writing academic papers to presenting at conferences.

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Work in Progress fora

PLEASE NOTE THAT TERM 3 WiPs WILL MEET ONLINE, WITH SOME REVISIONS TO THE PLANNED SCHEDULE. A REVISED SCHEDULE IS PUBLISHED BELOW. If you would like to join us, please contact Dr Chris Sirrs, for more information and to join the team.

The Centre's Work in Progress meetings provided an opportunity for postgraduates and staff to discuss new research. The 2019-20 programme is convened by Louise Morgan and Kathryn Woods. A light lunch and refreshments are usually provided.

14 April 2020 14:00 ONLINE Andrew Burchell, 'Composing well-being: mental health and the Mass Observation Project in twentieth-century Britain'. Content Warning: This piece deals with cases of severe mental illness, including but not limited to suicide ideation, depression, sexual violence.

21 April 14:00 ONLINE Group Discussion: what does Covid-19 mean for HSTM? Can we/should we/must we address this global event?

28 April 14:00 ONLINE Ed Devane Operational Research and the Re-Planning of NHS Hospitals, 1966-72

6th May 14:00 NOTE THAT THIS IS WEDNESDAY, not our normal Tuesday, ONLINE Virtual reading group, led by Hannah Elizabeth! Materials available on Teams.

12 May 14:00 ONLINE Max Hodgson: “Pathologizing ‘refusal’ in carceral spaces: conscientious objectors and the unemployed in Britain as a ‘soft’ somatic body, 1899-1935”

19 May 14:00 ONLINE Gareth Millward, Sources and the Sick Note

Tue 26 May 14:00: ONLINE WiP: PhD spotlight Louise Morgan
2 June 14:00 ONLINE Alice Leonard and Sarah Parker, 'Error in Early Modern Medicine’

9 June 14:00 Online Jane Hand 'Visual Culture and Transnational Methodologies for 'Seeing' the Medical State'


Public Lectures, Exhibitions, Visits and Special Events

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