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CHM offers a wide range of events across the academic year. We also list some external/non-CHM events that may also be of interest. Please scroll down or use the links below for further details and to find out what's on:



In response to Covid in 2020-2021, our CHM research seminars ran virtually on MS Teams integrated into the wider programme of History Departmental research seminars here at Warwick. Following the success of this model and a degree of uncertainty about ongoing social distancing in 2021-2 we are continuing with this model in 2021-2 with upcoming seminars on How Epidemics End, the History of Student Health, the rise of child health as a specialty, and the History of AIDS activism (in collaboration with the Feminist History Group). Although other papers in this series are not organised by CHM many have a strong history of medicine flavour.

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Conferences, Symposia and Workshops

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Reading Lunches

The History of Medicine Reading Lunch is normally a student-run reading group which meets regularly to discuss readings selected by its members. It last ran in 2019-20 and was abeyance as Covid disrupted the idea of meeting up to talk over lunch. If anyone is keen to restart it now that we are back on campus, please contact Mathew Thomson. Also look out for sessions within our WIP programme beginning with a meeting on new writing on the history of the body in Week 3.

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Academic Skills Sessions

These student/staff run sessions endeavour to provide tools essential to becoming a successful 'all round' professional researcher; from writing academic papers to presenting at conferences. The first of this year will take place within our WIP programme, with a double-header on the challenges of contemporary history in Weeks 4 and 5.

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Work in Progress fora

Following the success of this model in 2020-21 and due to ongoing uncertainty, we have decided to continue with the model of holding our Work in Progress meetings virtually on Teams in 2021-2. Though we keep the title of 'Work in Progress' this in truth has evolved into a platform for us to reflect upon and sometimes read work in progress, but also discuss common themes in roundtable fashion, share sources, train one another in new approaches, or even just meet for a catch-up over tea. The two main differences to 2020-21 are that we will be meeting an hour later than previously at 5pm to accommodate new teaching timetables and we have a new organising team of Andrew Burchell, Chris Sirrs, and Mathew Thomson. We are still looking to fill some slots in the programme for 2021-2, so if you have ideas please do email one of us.

Link to Teams for Tuesday 5pm WiP Meetings

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Public Lectures, Exhibitions, Visits and Special Events

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