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CHM Events

COVID LOCKDOWN UPDATE: During the current crisis, we are sorry to say that many CHM events have been postponed or cancelled. However, our Works-in-Progress series remains alive and well, and will be operating virtually! A revised schedule appears below. If you are interested in joining us online for these very informal gatherings, please contact Dr Grace Redhead,, for more information and to join the team.

CHM offers a wide range of events across the academic year. We also list some external/non-CHM events that may also be of interest. Please scroll down or use the links below for further details and to find out what's on:



In this Covid-affected 2020-2021 year, our CHM research seminars will be running virtually on MS Teams, and have been integrated into the wider programme of History Departmental research seminars here at Warwick. You can find links to upcoming lectures by Professor Joanna Bourke, Dr Lucas Engleman, Professor Dan Healey, and more via the History Department Research calendar, where you can register to join us.

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Conferences, Symposia and Workshops

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Reading Lunches

The History of Medicine Reading Lunch is a student-run reading group which meets regularly to discuss readings selected by its members. It is a forum for students from all disciplines and at all stages of their academic career to meet and to satisfy their scholarly, social and nutritional needs. Teaching and research fellows and staff are also welcome to attend. We look forward to seeing you there!

The 2019-20 events are convened by Ed, Devane (PhD student), Daniela, Cullum (MA Student) and Stefan Bernhardt-Radu (MA student). Please follow the links for more information about each event.

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Academic Skills Sessions

These student/staff run sessions endeavour to provide tools essential to becoming a successful 'all round' professional researcher; from writing academic papers to presenting at conferences. Note that the programme of events for 2020-2021 has been postponed due to Covid restrictions.

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Work in Progress fora

PLEASE NOTE THAT WiPs in 2020-2021 WILL MEET ONLINE. If you would like to join us or to present a session, please contact Dr Grace Redhead,, for more information and to join the team.

The Centre's Work in Progress meetings provided an opportunity for postgraduates and staff to discuss new research. The 2020-2021 programme is convened by Roberta Bivins and Grace Redhead via Teams. WiPs will take place on Tuesdays at 4:00-5:30.

27 October 2020: Milana Aronov (CHM, University of Warwick) will speak about her PhD project, A History of Autism and Behavioural Therapies through the Prism of Children's Everyday Life Environments (France, 1960-1990).

17 November 2020: Adrian Kane-Galbraith (History Department University of Washington) will present work addressing "The Birth of the NHS Gender Identity Clinic, 1966-1970"

Abstract: The latter half of the 1960s was a turning point in the provision of gender transition-related healthcare in the United Kingdom, witnessing the founding of the nation's first so-called gender identity clinic--a referral service based at Charing Cross Hospital. This talk will examine the networks of trans people, voluntary organizations, and clinicians that contributed to the consolidation of medical transition around the model of "gender identity" during this era, and will situate the Charing Cross clinic within the much longer history of gender-affirming medical interventions (usually couched under the term "sex change") undertaken under the auspices of the National Health Service.

1 December 2020 Dr Andrew Burchell (CHM, University of Warwick) will speak about his new work exploring health and wellbeing in the Mass Observation Project archives.

8 December 2020 Dr Hannah Elizabeth will share a draft of her new paper on lesbian health activism and the NHS.

12 January 2021 Dr. Elise Smith (CHM, Warwick) will share a forthcoming chapter, 'From Physical Anthropology to Psychological Anthropology: Racial Science in the Torres Strait, 1898-99.'

19 January 2021 Dr. Rebecca Crites (CHM, University of Warwick) will share material from her new project.

26 January 2021 Dr Grace Redhead (CHM, University of Warwick) will share new research from her project exploring the history of sickle cell anaemia in Britain.

9 February 2021 Dr Jennifer Crane (Faculty of History, University of Oxford) will join us to share her work on Saving the World? Gifted Children in Britain and the World, 1945-2000

Through post-war reconstruction, the Cold War, and successive economic crises, a fringe of voluntary groups, scientists, policy leaders, psychologists, and parents in Britain hoped that gifted children could solve Britain's perceived economic, social, military, and scientific problems, and augment its leading place in a new world order. This WIP explores a book proposal on this topic, and all feedback is so appreciated and welcome - thank you!
23 February 2021 Dr Christopher Sirrs (CHM, University of Warwick) will share his work on ‘The moment of patient safety: The management of harm and risk in the NHS, c.1948-2000’.
9 March 2021 Dr Peder Clark (University of Liverpool) will share material from his research on ecstasy use in the 1980s.
27 April 2021 Imogen Knox (University of Warwick) will share material from her PhD project, ‘Suicide, Self-Harm, and the Supernatural in Britain, 1560-1735’.

11 May 2021 Dr Shalini Rudra (CHM, University of Warwick) will address material from the 'What's At Stake in Fake' project. 

25 May 2021 Dr Jenny Bangham will share material from her new project, ‘Encountering genes: postwar genetic counselling in the UK and Ireland’.

8 June 2021: Roundtable 'Archives and their After-effects: Teaching and Researching Distressing Material in the History of Medicine'

22 June 2021 Roundtable ‘Remote Oral History: Interviewing during COVID-19’

Prof Tracey Loughran, Dr Daisy Payling and Dr Kate Mahoney from the Body, Self & Family project, come to discuss their article ‘Remote Oral History: Interviewing during COVID-19’.


Public Lectures, Exhibitions, Visits and Special Events

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