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Warwick-Monash Webinars

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In 2012, as part of NEXUS and the Monash-Warwick International Alliance, a series of online webinars for PhD students was created and called SSHAM (Social Science, Humanities and Medicine Monash Warwick Alliance). These PhD collaborative ‘Webinars’ take the form of seminars. The Centre for the History of Medicine (within the History Department) and the School of Health and Social Studies in Warwick are collaborating with the School of Political and Social Enquiry and the Social Science and Health research unit in the School of Psychology and Psychiatry in Monash University.

So far we have had webinars each academic term 2012-2013, and we hope to continue these each academic year; the first webinar involved introductions and had an interesting discussion which followed from texts we had already distributed. The next webinar theme was ‘Is family violence a public health issue?’; Carlos Clavijo Lopez from Monash and Jennifer Crane from Warwick each gave a talk about their current research involving family violence, generating an interesting academic discussion amongst the students. In the third webinar we invited two oral historians and a medical anthropologist to discuss with us the various research skills needed to conduct research in humanities.

For the academic year 2012-2013, the series was led by Carlos Lopez Clavijo and Nicholas Hill from Monash and Celia Bernstein and Josette Duncan from Warwick. In the academic year 2013-2014, Thomas Bray and Jennifer Crane will lead the webinars for the History Department, Warwick together with Carlos and Nicholas for Monash.

The event on Tuesday 3rd December between 8:30am and 10am in the Ramphal Building room R0.12 HAS NOW BEEN CANCELLED. We are trying to reschedule, probably for some time in February. We will notify everyone of the new date when we have confirmed it with Monash. Kate Mahoney (Warwick) and Nicholas Hill (Monash) will present on the theme of 'subjectivity', after which there will be a discussion of the issues raised. Further details to follow.

For more information please contact Thomas Bray or Jennifer Crane.

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