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Dr Elaine Leong

Academic Profile
  • D.Phil. (2006, University of Oxford)
  • M.Sc. (2001, University of Oxford)
  • M.A. (2000, Warburg Institute, University of London)
  • B.A. (1998, Wellesley College, MA, USA)

Leverhulme Research Fellow, Department of History, University of Warwick, 2007-10.

Undergraduate Modules Taught
Selected Publications
  • ‘Making Medicines in the Early Modern Household’, Bulletin of the History of Medicine (82, Spring, 2008), pp. 145-68. Awarded the J. Worth Estes Prize by the American Association for the History of Medicine.

  • ‘Recipe Collections and the Currency of Medical Knowledge in the Early Modern “Medical Marketplace”’ (with Sara Pennell), in. M. Jenner and P. Wallis (eds.), The Medical Marketplace and Its Colonies c. 1450-c 1850 (Palgrave Macmillian, 2007), pp. 133-52.

  • Editorial Essay for ‘Receipt Books, c.1575-1800 from the Folger Shakespeare Library’ a microfilm publication from Adam Matthews Publication (July, 2006).

My research explores lay medical knowledge and practices in early modern England. I am currently working on two projects. The first, based on my D.Phil. thesis, is an overview of household medicine in early modern England. The project aims to uncover household medical knowledge and practices and seeks to contextualise these practices within the early modern medical economy. My second project, titled ‘Reading for Cures’ is a study of the production and consumption of vernacular medical books in sixteenth and seventeenth-century England. In particular, the project concentrates on assessing what types of vernacular medical texts were available to early modern readers and on how readers engaged with and appropriated medical information. I am also interested in investigating women’s medical knowledge and practice and how this knowledge was generated, acquired and transmitted.