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Dr Matthew Neufeld - Visiting Fellow

Matthew Neufeld  

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Visiting Fellow, University of Warwick, Department of History, 2009-2011


Academic Profile
  • PhD (2008, University of Alberta)
  • M.A. (2002, University of Manitoba)
  • B.A. (1995, University of Winnipeg)
Selected Publications
  • The Civil Wars after 1660: cultural memory and public remembering in late Stuart England (Boydell and Brewer, 2012)
  • 'The framework of casualty care during the Anglo-Dutch wars', War in History (forthcoming 2012)
  • 'The politics of Anglican martyrdom: letters to John Walker, 1704-5’, The Journal of Ecclesiastical History 62 (2011), 491-514.
  • 'Doing Without Precedent: applied typology and the execution of Charles I in John Milton’s The Tenure of Kings and Magistrates’, Sixteenth Century Journal, 38 (2007), 329-44.

Hi145 Georgian Britain

Courses on early modern British political and social history, and early modern world history at the University of Alberta


I am broadly interested in responses to and representations of brokenness in early modern Britain. I am currently working on two projects, one which examines the cultural memory of temporal and political brokenness--the English civil war, and another focussing on the state, local communities and sick and injured servicemen from 1650 to 1750. The former derives from my doctoral research, and will emerge as a monograph entitled, The Civil Wars after 1660. The latter project, ‘Cure in the Community: the rise and fall of popular naval medicine in England, 1650-1750’, studies the treatment of and perceptions of the injuries and suffering endured by maimed soldiers during the rise of Britain’s fiscal-military state. It will place these practices and views within broader attitudes about the glories and horrors of waging civil and foreign warfare.